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| September 20, 2014

What Color of Lipsticks are in Fashion?

Girls & ladies are very much conscious about what style of clothes, what kind of hairstyle, what design of footwear, what color of lipsticks & what type of jewelry is in fashion. So, for finding the answer of all your questions you can visit this website regularly because we are here for your assistance about the latest trends of fashion by providing you the accurate information. The article that, you are going to read now basically deals with “what colors of lipstick are in fashion”. So read it carefully & get ideas!

Hot Red Lipstick:

0 simple but stunning lipstick color ideas (11)

Red lipstick is quiet in fashion now days. It can be applied by both darker as well as fairer complexion ladies. Red lips color always give a very charming & attractive look. Although it was out of fashion in the past yet it is in fashion now days. It is basically a color of winter season. If you applied it on your lips in winter season when you want to attend a party then it will add femininity & gorgeousness into your personality. Red lips look dramatic.

Bright Pink Lipstick:


What’s your opinion about Pink? Now days, a bright shade of pink is in fashion as shown into the above picture. It looks more impressive when applied by those ladies who have fair skin tone. Pink color lipstick signifies love, girlishness & femininity.

Beige Shades of Lipsticks:

2 beige shades of lipsticks

3 nude lipstick

In the above picture different shades of beige color are shown (these shades ranges from light to dark). The beige color is also in fashion. Light beige color gives a very natural & soothing impression. It is mostly used in fall season. The girl applied the lightest shade of beige on her lips & is looking really very gorgeous. Beige colors show the steadiness and stability of your personality. This color is easy to wear if you use a beige color glossy lipstick.

Fashion of Peach Lipstick:

4 simple but stunning lipstick color idea

Peach color lipstick is also in fashion as you can see mostly celebrities appears in this color. Peach color signifies for decorum & soft femininity (means less girlishness).

Different Shade of Lipsticks:

5 simple but stunning lipstick color ideas (5)

Into the above picture you are viewing different shades of lipstick. Some women who want to do something different as compared to the existence fashion, they can go with different colors of lipsticks. This behavior of ladies is called rebellious (engaged in opposition).

Vibrant Orange Lipstick Trend:

6 hot orange trend of lipstick

Orange color lipstick can also be applied by both darker & fairer complexion ladies. It usually stands for youthfulness, liveliness, and enthusiasm.

Purple Lipstick:

7 simple but stunning lipstick color ideas (1)

This color lipstick encompasses mystery, thrill, authority, lavishness or luxury. It is also quite in use. Various models on the ramp appear in this color of lipstick.

Best Lipstick Color Fashion:

Reinvent your personality by using brighter & lighter shades of lipstick. Experiments helps you a lot in order to find the right shade for you. Before choosing any color of lipstick you should keep your darker & fairer complexion into your mind. You can go either with matte lipstick or with shinny lipsticks.

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