Step By Step Natural Eye Makeup

| March 2, 2015

Everyone likes the nature with craze. In every field the natural beauty is always attract to the people. Same way the natural look is always attract. For this task, here we have the collection of ideas to make the natural makeup on your eyes by self. More than ladies not have the sense of the eye makeup and done a very over makeup on eyes and this type of makeup look ugly and gives the bad impression to viewer.

There are some steps of natural eye makeup. First of all, you should apply the skin lose eye shadow on the eye and blend it very well. It is very necessary to use the concealed stick to cover the dark circle under the eye. After this, there is use the eye shadow in the shade of the pink, brown and peach, whatever you want and apply on the socket of the eye and blend it with the professional brush.

The used the dark shade in the brown or pink sense on the edge of the eye and blend it with brush. Then use the eye brow pencil on brow and use the liner with the brush from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye and use the mascara at the end. The natural eye makeup in the steps is done and saw the mirror and shy with admire to see you.

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