Rock Your Lips With Trendy Glitter Lipstick This Winter

| October 29, 2016

Whether you are a fashionista or a simple personality every woman desire to look fresh and glowing in the presence of other people. Make-up in right way and in right proportion can do wonders for you. You must be careful while doing make-up but also stay conscious about what is most trendy. If you are looking very beautiful but not up-to-date your personality cannot impress others. So keep yourself connected to the fashion world. Now we will see what fashion is going in lipsticks. A wrong selection of lipstick in light color can make your face look dull while dark color pout can make you look like ghost. So the right selection is important. First of all the thing that is in demand now a day’s regarding lipstick is the glitter lipstick that suits upon every one and sparkle not only your face but your overall demeanor.

Red glitter lipstick;

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Red color lipstick give a very bold-chic vibes and in glitter it will look more prominent. On fair faces it will suit the most. Not everyone try to go with pure red color lipstick but with black or red color in winter you can look fashion statement by applying this color lipstick. You must have very light eye make-up because when eyes and lips will be both in dark color it will give a very horrible effect. This red glitter lipstick can change your whole look and you would have immense radiant personality with sparkling lipstick.

Peach glitter lipstick;

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If the trend of matching color lipstick is going it does not mean that you start selecting such colors that suits your suit but does not look nice upon you. If you do not like to have dark color lipstick then you can opt for this peach color lipstick. This color of lipstick will be suitable to any color of outfits. And woman of any type of complexion can select this color to give a glowing effect to face. It is an obvious thing that everyone would desire to dazzle with gleaming face and by applying glittering lipstick you can have the result you are longing for.

Dark purple color lipstick ;

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Dark purple color will give you a very bold statement. If you are wearing a white or off-white suit having embroidery or motifs in purple color then this color of lipstick is best for you to look gorgeous and pretty. You need to have a very conscious selection because lipstick is applied on lips at the last of make-up and it gives the final touch to your make-up. So it is important to choose the right one that can increase the charm of your face.

Nude color lipstick;

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In winter lips becomes dry and look very clumsy. To avoid this you can apply nude color lipstick and make your whole face comfortable to speak. Not only in parties or wedding functions but also in routine life for going outside for shopping or job this color lipstick will look nice upon you. Business women or working women if dressed in white coat pant suit then she can complement her dress with nude color accessories. This nude lipstick will give your face soothing effect and that will develop self-confidence in you.

Peach and golden color lipstick;

5. Glitter Lipstick  (10)

Peach color lipstick with golden shade on it in glitter form will make you look stunning and outstanding. This color is for young girls to adopt when they are wearing fancy dresses. In winter night functions this color of lipstick will give your face very shimmering effect and it will exude radiance to the surrounding.

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