Pakistani & Indian Bridal Jewelry & Makeup Ideas that Flatters Your Face

| September 1, 2015

How to Choose Wedding Day Jewelry & Makeover?

Wedding is a very important day in a woman’s life. It is day to wear new clothes, it is a day to choose different look for you, it is day to select best footwear, it is a day to take appointment into a best salon for perfect makeover, it is a day to capture lots of photos, it is a day to look perfect & make fashion statement on stage. In this age of fashion I think selecting a dress for the wedding day is not a touch task. Different fashion designers have made it a very easy process by providing ready to wear clothes.

But I think the selection of jewelry is still a hard task because right jewelry can enhance the beauty of the bride while if the jewelry is not selected wisely then it can ruin your big day of life. In bridal jewelry the manng patti, necklace, rings, earring, bangles, anklets etc are some important pieces. Choose jewelry by taking your face shape into the consideration. Similarly makeup plays a vital role in order to bring a positive or negative change into your look. You can compromise with jewelry but I think it is impossible for you to compromise with makeup.

A disaster on makeup can make you to look like witch on your wedding day. So, dear ladies it’s the time to explore the right makeup looks. A rule of thumb for makeup is to keep your eyes makeup light when applying dark lipsticks on lips & when applying dark makeup on eyes then keep your lipstick light. Always go with natural skin tone base. Be careful about face, hands, feet & arms skin tone.

Similarly the bride-to-be should keep her eye on the latest trends so that she can make a perfect fashion statement. Here I am going to share the 2015-16 most famous & trendy bridal makeup & jewelry ideas. The Indian & Pakistani both brides can take ideas from this post. I include different face shape pictures so that you can find one appropriate. I include different styles of bridal jewelry sets as well as makeup idea. Always choose jewelry that you can later use with some other dresses also. Let’s explore!

Pearl Jewelry Set for Bridal:

1 bridal jewelry and makeup (26)

When it comes to vintage & timeless elegance jewelry set then I think you will never ever find any better option than pearl jewelry set!  It gives a classic look to the bride. Now days pearl jewelry is in fashion. So, you can think about it!

Kundan Bridal Jewelry Set:

2 bridal jewelry and makeup (3)

Kundan jewelry is actually famous in India. So, I think Indian brides can fulfill their cultural traditions by wearing kundan jewelry set.

Crystal Jewelry Idea for Bride:

3 bridal jewelry and makeup (16)

Crystal jewelry sets are always fashion. When you are confused about what to wear on wedding then crystal jewelry set is best option.

Traditional Design Jewelry for Bride:

4 bridal jewelry and makeup (13)

If you are arranging a wedding under traditional theme then be careful about jewelry because with traditional theme wedding the contemporary jewelry never looks nice. So choose classic & antique.

Modern Jewelry for Bridal:

5 bridal jewelry and makeup (6)

You are a lover of modern trends & chic design jewelry & want to wear something modern on your wedding day then try this chic, ultra bold & extra gorgeous design jewelry set.

Bridal Make up:

When it comes to make then I think there is no need to define each & every picture. You just look towards the picture. Observe it carefully & then choose your favorite one. Always choose best saloon. Don’t compromise with bad or error based makeup. Always prefer flawless, faultless & impeccable look! Explore the picture & gallery which is given into the last. Note: Try to keep your face shape in mind during the application of eye shadows, blush on & liner.

Smokey Eyes Makeup with Pink Lipstick:

6 bridal jewelry and makeup (12)

Shimmer Makeup Idea for Bridal:

7 bridal jewelry and makeup (22)

Colorful Bridal Makeup:

8 bridal jewelry and makeup (10)

Light Bridal Makeup:

9 bridal jewelry and makeup (9)

Silver Eyes Makeup with Nude Lips:

10 bridal jewelry and makeup (25)

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