How to do Makeup for Wedding Indian Brides

| May 18, 2016

Tips to do Indian make up

0. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

When  there is a function then women become conscious due to their  grooming because they are lover of  makeup jewelry and many other things of beautification  but when the function and any eve is near they become excited  and want to  do everything which they have not done  before once . when they decided dress and shoes then the turn is their makeup and the hairstyles  because  these both things can change your personality and make up is such a thing which can show you younger from your actual look here we are talking about the brides whose marriage ceremony is very near  and they want to look gorgeous on their  wedding but on the day of wedding they can  decided that from which thing I should start my make up because some go to the parlor or saloon and some do themselves but beautician also  decide it after a long  period that which thing I should apply first which give this bridle a new  and attractive look so come with us and see the steps of  makeup.

0+ how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

Foundation and base:

1. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides 1+ how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

First of all apply the moisturizer and primer   on the face and when it became  absorbs in your skin  accurately then apply the  foundation and base   in the day function  use primer and concealed   because it can  cover the day heat and you will save the  sweat and your make up remain fresh. Take a little quantity of foundation and apply it on your face and base with the wet spunch  because in the summer season wet  base look  good and with your wet spunch apply the base on your cheeks and  the neck  not spores  are revealing  on your face  keep your  base same . For the bridals glittering compact are good choice and liquid base is perfect choice for your winter season.

Eye shadows:

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When you   have applied the base and foundation then apply the eye shadow according to your wedding dress  because when you give a touch  from your lehenga it look so  nice  for example if you wear purple lehenga  then apply  purple with the silver shade  because it   is  a perfect shade and with your red dress add the golden touch   if you are going with the smoky make up then apply  nude lipsticks  but Indian  brides can’t  be  look   attractive in the   smoky shades . Apply   mix color shades and make a dreamy eye and don’t go too much dark colors.

Applying kajal:

3. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

Kajal is a symbol of beauty because people like the black eyes black eyes are symbolized with the deer’s eye because she has so beautiful eyes.   So when you   do apply eye shadow then use mascara in your eyes and you will see a new and a   great fascinating look of your face   in the parties when you apply kajal with simple lip balm then you look so gorgeous and Indian kajal is very popular all over the world so apply kajal in your eyes.

Mascara liner and bronzer:

4. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

5. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

6. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

 Mascara  is an essential thing for your eye makeup if you use fake  eye lashes then  it is must use  because it urges your eye lashes much more and the bridal must apply two or three thick coat of mascara because their eyes remain  down so when they see down they look nice and the   liner  became an important part of our  make up because it  highlight the eye shadow so bridals use the black liner but with your red make up use the golden and with pink silver is good and with the silver blue and the black liner is good choice and after applying liner curl your eye brow with  bronzer .

Blush on:

7. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

when we talk about  make up then how it can be possible that blush on and  shimmer remain left  so  for the cheeks highlighting apply    blush on   the   bones   of your cheeks to the  ears  and now a days for high lighting their cheeks girls are using  shimmer and glitter  blush on  because  red cheeks  show your skin  fresh  and healthy.

Lip stick:

8. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

Now the time of final touch of your make up  so apply  lipstick  of bold colors like red ,pink ,maroon and orange because now a days it is in trend  and before lipstick lip pencil is compulsory    apply red lip pencil with the  red lipstick  and for  the shimmery touch you can apply lip balm and lip gloss .

9. how to do makeup for wedding indian brides

Fashion tips:

Brides must go with dark make up on the day of brat and weddings first day and on the walima can go   with soft make up because Indians brides have to carry too much jewelry on their wedding   because it is their tradition to carry too much jewelry now you are ready to   apply makeup as an Indian bride.

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