Gorgeous Make Up Ideas for Eid ul Azha

| August 16, 2016

Eid ul Azha and eid ul fitter is such an event  when everyone is in the excited mood  the people  want to do something extra on these events and want to make these event special and memorable for  a long time . Eid ul fitter is called sweet eid  it is not for the children rather all family members are happy and want to  enjoy the happiness of these both eid .The dressing of the girls is very  impressive on the eid  because they are  very  conscious about their dressing  they like to carry different from the others so where we talk about the dress then how much it possible we leave the hairstyles and make up because without both of these our dressing is incomplete .

when the moon of the Eid is appear on the sky all the people become so excited  happiness  spread  on the faces of the  all people they want to celebrate this day very great way  so if you want t make this eid special then with your beautiful dresses  do good and natural make up and find a nice and  brighter look and collect the praises from the others  who are invited at your home.

Foundation and base:

First of all if you have need the facial and the plucking then do these both things becau8se for the makeup look  your skin should be clean and clear because due to the  dirt and the grease your skin  becomes so rough and dull and no makeup remain fresh on tour skin for long time  so first cleansing your face with a good moisturizer  then use the foundation and base but not in the large quantity because you have ready for the  natural make up  the  oily skin girls can use the lose powder and the compact powder because the foundation and base can cause the pimples and the  acne  so the dry skin girls  avoid to use the face powder .

Concealer and primer:

When you have made your face base and blend it in a good way then use the primer and concealer  because it can cover your all  scars and the wounds on the faces and under your eyes use the primer it can cover  your dark circles and use the primer according to your skin color because  if you use it opposite to your skin tone then it will give you so strange look at the place of primer you can use the  pressed  powder also for the best skin base.

Blush on:

When you are freed from the base then use the blush on because it will give you a glowing and neat look light pink and the skin color blush on is best .if you have something dark complexion then you can use the dark  brown and red color for  your blush and now a days shimmery blush is very inn you can go with it also but it is for the night functions on the eid after the base applying the blush on is compulsory .

Eye shadows:

On the eid because we are doing the natural and simple make up so we should not use the eye shades   just mascara and eye liner is good for the semi formal look but if you want to apply the eye shades then you can use the nude color on your eyes like the skin, pink, peach and the light brown because it give you a natural look.  And if you want to shimmer for the night function on Eid then you can select the honey and the copper color because in the glitter both look very beautiful and attractive.

Mascara and eye liner:

On the eid and the other all events even for the job and the outgoing we use the mascara because it enhance the beauty of our eyes  you can apply the eye liner which are  in the Egyptian cat style  winged, double flick ,soft smoke and the  smudge styles all are famous among the girls you can apply it according to your wish  but keep in your mind your eye shape and on the eye lashes apply the mascara  in a double coat way because when your   eyelashes become  thick and the  strong  then you will see a nice look in your  eyes .you can use the glitter eyeliner on your eyes  instead of the  eye shades because the  latest and trendy girls like to apply the  glitter eyeliner .

Lipstick and the lip glow:

For the smart and  beautiful look you can apply the  natural color lipstick as just like  pink ,peach for the young girls and the light brown  but the young girls who like to  go with bold colors they can apply the orange  and bold red lipstick with their  natural make up  and the young girls also like to go with the lip shiner and lip glow this is also good it gives them glowing and shiny  lips for a long time in the functions .

Eid ul Azha natural make up ideas (1) Eid ul Azha natural make up ideas (2) Eid ul Azha natural make up ideas (3) Eid ul Azha natural make up ideas

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