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| July 7, 2014

Givenchy Fashion House & Importance of Make-up:

Givenchy is basically a very well-known & pioneering French fashion house which is established in the year of 1952 by the Hubert De Givenchy. It is owned by the LVHM. The Givenchy fashion house is basically serving the fashion conscious men & women by providing the very stylishly designed RTW Clothes, wedding wear, leather goods, perfumes, eyewear, beauty products etc. It is considered as one of largest & high revenue earning fashion houses. The quality of each & every product is really very good. The designers who work at this fashion house usually style lots of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Babe Paley, Princess Grace of Monaco & lots of other. Various retail store of this fashion house are located in all over the world.

As I told you, in the above passage, about the main categories of products of this fashion house, one of these is the beauty product category. Under this category, mostly the cosmetics are manufactured for highly fashion conscious women. The term “Cosmetic” include liner, mascara, eye-shadows, blush-on, foundation, make-up stick, lipstick, imperfection correcting pen, primer, concealer, lash booster & lots of other products. We all are also aware from the fact that make-up is very much important for ladies. They can never imagine going outside from the home without make-up (whether light or dark). Makeup can rung a great change into your look if it is done flawlessly & perfectly. Use Givenchy Make-up products & achieve a very gorgeous look.  Have a look at the beauty products of Givenchy Fashion House.

Givenchy Lipstick:

1 beautiful givenchy makeup

2 Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the very important beauty products. It adds some charm into your personality. It is applied almost by the every lady of this world no matter in what region she is living. Mostly, the women & girls who are very conscious about their facial beauty usually prefer to buy branded products & I also think this is the right way. In the above picture you can see the Givenchy lipsticks collection. Various shades of lipstick are shown with their codes. Mostly the bright peach, red, brown & orange colors are in fashion now days. You can also explore Givenchy Magic lipstick. Yes dear ladies! The lipstick in black color which is shown above, actually never black in real but turn light peach or brown when applied on lips. It is called Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick Liv Lips or Magic Lipstick 62 Révélateur. Try it in this season, it will surely a great addition into your beauty box.

Givenchy Lash Sparkle:

3 2014 givenchy makeup

Mascara is also very important beauty product which adds the element of attraction into your eyes by making your eye-lashes longer & thicker. Now days, another trend which is becoming popular is the usage of sparkling mascara. This mascara makes your lashes twinkle.  It is manufactured by using glitter or shiner. Take a look at the Givenchy Lash sparkle. It can be used for evening parties, night function, prom parties & lots of other formal events. It gives you a very stylish & chic look. It up to you whether you want to add more sparkle or less sparkle into your lashes. Use it because it is really a very interesting product.

Givenchy Blush-on:

4 cute givenchy makeup

Although, some ladies never consider this beauty product very important yet t is. It gives a final finishing to your make-over. Without the application of blush on your make-over may look incomplete. Givenchy presents a wide range of blush shades according to the different skin tone. Before the application of blush on you must have to choose the right color according to your skin complexion. In this kit you can see light peach & pink shades. These shades can go perfect with both light & dark skin tones.

Givenchy Brightening Foundation:

5 2014 givenchy makeup collection

Most of the important beauty product is the foundation. Without the application of a foundation you can never take a start of your make-up. It is preferable to choose the branded foundation so that it can never damage you skin. So, why don’t you think to try a Givenchy Foundation? It is available in lots of shades which can go perfect almost every type of skin complexion. The foundation which you are viewing into the above picture is “Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation” (broad Spectrum SPF 20).

Givenchy Make-up Gallery:

6 givenchy beauty products

Along with all these products you can also check out the Givenchy Eyeliner, mascara, nail color, eye shadows, concealer & other items into the following picture gallery. These products can be used for casual make-over as well as for formal parties. All are made by using un-harmful ingredients. So, you can use these products without any kind of hesitation. Look at the gallery!

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