Front & Back Neck Tattoos Ideas for Brides

| March 14, 2016

Unique & Romantic Bridal Neck Tattoos:

Why people make tattoos on different parts of their body? Can you tell me? I think making tattoos is a way of expressing the inner feelings of a person. For example if a person made love tattoos that it means he/she falls in love that’s why prefer love tattoos while if someone made sad tattoos then it means this person is sad from inside. Some prefer heavy & crazy tattoos; this shows their boldness & daring nature. Do you agree with my thinking? I think you should be. Well, here on this page, I am not going to talk about crazy tattoos or simple tattoos but my topic of discussion is about “bridal tattoos ideas”. On wedding day a bride choose each & everything with great care. So, she should choose a tattoo design very carefully so that she can make a style statement with some grace & elegance. Now the question is what tattoo designs are perfect for a bride? On what body part she should made a tattoo? Whether she should go with temporary tattoos or permanent?

Let’s start answering from the last question. Whether your tattoo will be temporary or permanent, it all depends on you. The creation of everlasting tattoos is really very painful & can create skin allergic problem for those who have sensitive skin. If you think that you have enough courage to bear pain then you can with eternal tattoos idea otherwise the best option is to with temporary tattoos. Short-term tattoos are usually created by using “henna”. Henna is a liquid that is available in cone & can be used for creating different patterns on any part of body. It will become paler as you wash your body part with water & after some days it will complete vanish out.

The answer of second question “On what part of body a bride should make a tattoo?” is “neck”. Yes, this time you should try a tattoo near neck. You can go on the front area of neck, on the back of neck as well as on the left or right side of neck. The choice is yours. Here (into the following picture gallery) I include front & back both types of neck tattoos ideas.

When you make a tattoo on neck area then you need to choose a hairstyle that can never hide the tattoo. Such as if you make tattoo on the left side of your neck then you should try right side swept hairstyle or right side loose updo. Similarly, if you make a tattoo at the back of neck then side swept or high updo hairstyle ideas are best. In short words, you need to choose a hairstyle that can make your tattoo more visible instead of hiding.

The last question is “what designs of tattoos are perfect for a bride”? As we that wedding is a blissful day. It is a day when every girl feel quite pleasure & happiness. So, a bride should choose a tattoo that can express her inner happiness. She is actually going to tie knot into a love relationship with her life partner so she can go with love tattoos ideas, heart tattoos & flower design tattoos (lower also signifies for love). Some more ideas are shown into the following picture gallery. Take a look & choose your favorite tattoo now!

Front Neck Necklace Design Tattoos Ideas:

1 bridal front neck tattoos ideas

These are front neck tattoos. One is Aztec necklace inspired tattoo & other is sycamore tattoo for front neck. Both are just perfect for those brides who are planning to arrange a bohemian theme wedding party.

Tattoos Ideas for Left/Right Side of Neck:

2 bridal tattoos ideas on one side of neck

Try cute little stars or artistic butterfly design tattoos near ears.

Tattoos Ideas for the Back Neck:

3 chic bridal neck tattoos ideas

Henna Bridal Tattoos Ideas:

4 temporary bridal neck tattoos made with henna   (1)

Flower Design Tattoos Ideas:

5 flower design bridal back neck tattoos ideas (1)

Heart Tattoos Ideas:

6 heart bridal neck tattoo ideas

Heavy Neck Tattoo Idea:

7 heavy design bridal neck tattoos ideas

Love Tattoo Idea for Neck:

8 love bridal neck tattoos ideas

Three Snowflake Tattoos on the Back of Neck:

9 snowflake bridal neck tattoos ideas

Swallows Tattoo Idea:

10 swallow design bridal neck tattoos ideas


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