Eye Shadow With Pink Lipstick

| March 25, 2015

Women Are The Name of beauty and every woman is like to do the light makeup on the functions. The teen girls are like to shimmery make up for the functions and the job holder ladies are wants the light and casual vintage make up for the whole day.

The old women are like the pink and skinny make up according to the age. Any how the pink color is that color which can be apply by the every kind of are lady. Here we have the collection of the ideas of eye shadow with the pink lip sticks for the ladies.

There are various shades in the pink colors like the baby pink, innocent pink, adorable pink, shocking pink purple pink in the mate and in the glittery tastes. These shades of pink color lipsticks can be apply with the different colors of eye shadow like the black Smokey mate eye shadow.

Shimmery dark purple eye shadow, dark brown mate shade with the white shimmery eye shadow, Smokey black shimmery eye shadow, dark brown mate eye shadow, copper shimmery eye shadow and with the light golden velvet eye shadow.

The multi color shimmery eye shadow and with the purple, pink, light Smokey eye shadows. All these eye shadow colors are looking stunning with the various shades of the pink lip sticks.

1 black eye make up with pink lipstick 2 make up with pink lipstic 3 pink women face make up 4 silver make up with lipstick 5 new stylish make up

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