Eye Makeup Tutorials Step by Step

| May 14, 2015

Makeup: Make up is of utmost importance currently in modish world. Makeup was treated as important factor for grooming face appearance in front of world. Distinct makeup techniques and ideas are available for both men and women.

Eye makeup techniques: Our current presentation is concerned with latest trendy techniques and ideas regarded with makeup which are only elected for utilization on eyes.

Step by step eye makeup techniques:

1)    Firstly, you should aware of best facial part so that you can you could highlight it in elegant manner

2)    Take advance visits and appointment with best spa for facial and cleansing purposes.

3)    Select right products in accordance with your skin type.

4)    Select foundation concerning with your skin tone.

5)    Take out water proof makeup stuff like mascara, eyeliner and etc.

6)    Apply false lashes in refining sequence. You can take help of someone else in this too.

7)    Apply eye makeup shade. One should use light pink peach shades for day time and dark maroon shades for night time.

8)    Apply eye shade in accordance with your makeup

9)    Apply finishing spray to maintain your makeup for long time.
Eye makeup tutorials for girls: These ideas and techniques are superiorly elected for girls so that we can help them in standardize their appearance on their special event of life.

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