Compulsory Points of Make Up for Bridals

| October 17, 2016

Make up is the  first thing for the girls because in this modern age  n girls is such who  can move  without make up  the companies of makeup is making progress day by day. The makeup is the  need of every class girl in the previous ages only the rich ladies use the makeup and  now all the ladies are  eccentric  for the makeup products they spend their 50% on the makeup there are hundred and thousand things are using for the make up .

The bride who is the center of attraction in the wedding is fully decorated with the makeup and the heavy jewelry .the bride is ready for the wedding after using so much makeup products. the  ladies are becoming the  porcelain jar due to the makeup .you can look fresh with such things that are for the acne ,pimples and the scars removing .the  main thing in the  makeup is base and the foundation  it should be correct  then your all make up is correct.

The bridal make should be impressive that nobody can  behind to praise her  and due to the good make up make your wedding day special .

•    For the wedding there are some make up tips which can make your make up effective and all the people will praise you if you’re wedding is near and you want to do make up then you should do these important  steps   and some points keep in your mind :

First of all  use the base and the foundation on your skin if your skin is oily then don’t go with the  base and the foundation because it can  spoil your all makeup and you look ugly  so on the  oily skin wet pan cake and the  loose powder remain good .

When you are going to do make up first check the skin tone of the bride because if you apply alternate to her color she  will look so ridiculous  the  color of the  skin is different of  all people  some have oily some dry and the some ladies have normal skin the sensitive skin is oily skin because  it is so tricky and  no face powder ,base  and foundation look good on oily skin oily skin is the  affected with the pimples and the acne  you should keep care of it that the bride is indulge in such  problem.

The base of the bride should be neat and equal at the every corner of the face after using the base apply  loose powder and compact  powder  when it  set  on your face correctly then move toward the  next step. If your  nose  is not good enough then you should  contouring it means  with the help of  countering cream  give  the good shape to your nose and the forehead

After the contouring use the eyeshades in the good colors if you are the bride of barat then vibrant color are good and for the Walima bride light and soft make up is nice

The pastel colors are inn in the dresses of brides so with the light dresses the makeup is also light so the  light make up with the smoky touch is very trendy now a days you can do this make up for the impressive look if the eyes of bride is not too much bigger  then you can  use the shimmer on the upper of your eyes

The eyeshades  should be in matte color for the  summer season because if you apply the  shimmery  eyeshades and the glitter it can give you a  bad look  matte make up can enhance the beauty of your eyes  after applying the shades use the liner and mascara .

Eyeliner and  mascara is good for the beautify of your eyes  if your lashes are not too much lengthy then you can use the fake lashers on your eyes and apply the dark brown mascara on it if you apply the  black it look fake and unreal  so  do the two coat of mascara on your eyes  and apply the eye liner in the  which  form of your eyes are bigger and  deep then dark and thick eyeliner is best  and for the small eyes  sleek eyeliner is best

It depends on the beautician that which forms of eyeliner will suit on your eyes with different make up techniques you look like the model and the actress when you have applied the eyeliner and mascara now it  need to apply the blush on the cheeks bone and the jaw lines because it is fashion  to enhance your face bones.

After the blush on the turn is lipstick because without lipstick you can be move in a  society because bride  should be decorated for the remarkable day  and it is bad for her that she find bad remarks from anyone. The final touch of makeup is lipstick that should be  in the matte form and  if you are doing out lining to  the bride lips then first use the talcum powder on her lips and keep in your mind if you are using the outline on the  lips of the bride then it should be match to the lipstick color And blend is well in the  lipstick so for applying the lipstick you can use the  lip brush because with brush your lipstick look neat and clean.

These things are compulsory for the brides when you are going to ready a bride because all the beautician are not  aware from all these  things and then the makeup look so odd  so you should try these  things on the bride make up .

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