Best Makeup Guide for Bridals they Can do at Home on Wedding Day

| January 7, 2016

Asian brides are famous throughout the world for their subtle look with a little bit harsh make over that make a style statement with other accessories. Here we are sharing the bridal make up tips that you can try at home with perfect look that a professional gives. Most of the time, it has become a tradition of going to a parlor or saloon for makeup with many charges. But if you can do it well at home then I think it can be a big deal, hold on and keep on reading my instructions I am assuring you that my tips will surely help you in doing pro like makeup.
The first thing you must keep in mind that everything is not possible in first trial so you must be patience to have skill in makeup and for that purpose definitely practice matters a lot. Don’t sit and start your work not before days but before the months. Yes maximum 2-3 months are required to get perfect look of bridal. Before coming to this point I would like to suggest you your care tips that how you can make your skin best before the wedding day so you may not have a panic at the very day while you are doing makeup.
?    Make your routine of drinking maximum 8 glasses per day
Drink lots of water and strictly follow your routine of having water bottle that will hydrate your skin and sort out other body issues. It’s the matter of skin that’s why you have to be careful for having even tone applying bridal day at home on your wedding day.
Concentrate on your diet schedule because if you do not take a good diet it can affect your skin whatever the costly products you will use to make your skin good but nothing can affect if you are not healthy from inside. Take fruits and vegetables. Mostly the vitamin C and E is important for you. Eat vegetables full of iron and other nutrients.
If you do some home remedies for better skin it would surely be a good thing for your final look at wedding day. About three months before, start your daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Use alcohol free cleansers to clean out the skin because dust makes it way to absorb into the skin pours and if it becomes a continuous routine your skin can react abnormally. Daily cleansing at night can refresh your skin and pour out all the dust particles out of the skin.
Multani Mitti mask is very good for oily skin to mix it in the juice of cucumber and tomato, apply it to face and after drying rinse it out. This face pack cannot only freshens your skin but solve out all the acne problems of pimples, spots and tan effects.  While for dry skin I have found a best remedy of curd in which the paste of rose petals and turmeric is mixed and put this mask to face which will make your complexion fair but also give you attractive look.
Now it comes to your makeup point first buy the branded makeup products that is not harmful for skin. Start makeup applying the skin cream that will tone your skin perfectly. Foundation that matches to skin tone is best, before buying test it to your hand skin that will tell you right because if you go with white color tone it will make your makeup fake unnatural.
Now take out concealer and hide the problem areas of face like dark circles. Make sure you are not going more than two coats of foundation base because 3-4 coats look bad and make scratches to skin. After applying concealer now your real work starts. It is totally up to you that your skin demands the base powder if it is oily then you must have it if it is not then it can be optional.
Take a pencil color that matches to your hair color and make the subtle lining of eye brows. For eyes makeup look forward to the color that is matched to your wedding dress but it doesn’t mean if it is blue then you are going to apply blue but with following the formula of having light tones with dark and dark tones with light. Apply matte shade first then use shimmery shade to make the eyes fuller with blending the dark shade to lighter one. To give bigger look use false eyelashes to have cat like look and get two coats of mascara. For liner you can follow our posts in which you will find the true methods of having perfect eye liner.
For blush on mostly copper shades are used to give the natural look but you can go with pink shades too according to the dress color. Start with your jaw lines and contour it to enhance the features. Likely the blush on nose contouring is also very important in makeover. For this purpose you will go with two shades of copper color. Use Dark tone at both sides and light for bottom part to make it sleek. If you are not perfect to do with brush use your finger tips of thumb and index finger to matt the shade to nose perfectly to take it from lower to upper part of nose.
Finally we have come to the lipstick where you will have to considerate the three things lip pencil with same shade of lipstick, lipstick color and lip gloss. Apply lipstick to lips with going to the natural line then make it perfect with using lip pencil so that it may be flawless. If your lips are thin then cross the lines of lips. After that pat lip gloss over lipstick to achieve shiny look like lips to make it fuller. Now you have completed your makeup at home and I am sure a little practice can make you professional in bridal makeup all the guests will stun. Surely, if you will try it home before the wedding day you can get faultless look at your big day. For more tips and questions leave comments in the comment box.

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