Beast and Easy Makeup Looks Ideas for Nigerian Brides

| January 25, 2017

Wedding is the most important and special day for girls and every girl whether she belongs to any part of the world or religion wants to look most beautiful, gorgeous and elegant as she had never look before. So to fulfill her wish, she chooses best and best of each thing as wedding attire, jewelry, shoes and makeup. Here we are talking about the makeup looks of Nigerian brides.

Nigeria is an African country, on the gulf of Guinea; this country has many land marks wildlife reserves. Nigerian wedding is widely recognized because it is full of colors, music and dance. One different thing about Nigerian brides is that, Nigerian brides get double the fun, often having two wedding ceremonies, a cultural wedding and a religious wedding. Some Nigerian brides choose a white dress as like western brides but others like to wear traditional wedding attire which features a brightly colored lace blouse, patterned wrapper, kaftan like skirt, coral beads or a head tie. The professional makeup artist and hair stylist are invited to complete the look.

This makeup is for the bride who does not afraid to have the spotlight on her face on her big, special and important day.  Yes makeup is the most outstanding factor of this makeup. It features bold colors created using the bold colors eye shadow. Extreme shine lip cream is giving the gorgeous bright orange shade with purple color lip line. The bride combined off the shoulder white gown with bright orange color Gele or head tie and matching orange color jewelry including earrings and necklace looking so pretty in the combination of western and traditional attire.

Then start off with the eyes makeup, apply white shadow on your both eyelids, use brown over the white shade, blend it well. Peck a dark shade like purple, blue, orange and apply on the outer corners of the eyes. Choose other color and apply it on the other side of the eye, blend all the colors together well. Apply white shadow on the inner corner again; you can apply some shine or glitter to add sparkle on your eyes. Use kajal, mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes more beautiful. try false eyelashes for a sexier look.

Makeup is super easy to do; you don’t have to need to ask a professional. With little patience and practice, you can do it yourself easily. First, wash your face and apply a little moisturizer and primer. Primer improves the texture of the skin for foundation, hides wrinkles, spots and other marks and help setting the makeup properly for it to last longer at least 12 hours. Get hold of a concealer to hide all blemishes and dark circles. Apply foundation, yellow based foundation is best for dark women.

Outline your lips with a regular lip color do you like, color your lips with some light color lipstick. Finally use some gloss to finish off your look. For your lips, use colors that are neutral, earthy, dark and burgundy.

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