Advantageous Steps, Tips & Tricks for Beginner Eye Make-Up

| March 3, 2014

Are you one of those people who never know how to apply shades on the eyes? Then now you need not to worry because I am here for the help of Beginners. Here I am going to share some basic techniques or tips of eye make-up with you. Hope that these will surely prove beneficial for you.

1)    First wash your face with a cleanser.
2)    Now softly squeeze all water out with the help of towel.
3)    Apply an eye primer on the upper lid of your eye which helps in smoothen your eye skin with face skin plus it helps in the stickiness of eye shades.
4)    Now apply Concealer or foundation under the uneven tone of your eye-circle. Also apply on the areas where your eyes meet with nose.
5)    For further setting of the foundation you can apply some powder with the help of a brush. This will help in blending the applied product.
6)    Now apply eyeshade of a light color such as skin, nude etc (because you are learning so start with a light color) from the eyelashes to the crease part of your eye. For getting understanding about the eye parts you can look into the following picture with the heading “Understand the Eye Parts”.
7)    Now you can apply another light shade such as silver on the brow bone part of eye which is above the crease line of eye.
8)    For the purpose of highlighting the crease part you can apply a dark color such as brown shade on the crease line. Now Blend all the shades in a very ell way.
9)    Apply Liner. For liner application you can get assistance from the following pictures.
10)    Now you can apply mascara.

Hope that these 10 steps will helps you a lot in order to done your eye-make-up beautifully. Another tutorial picture is also shown below but in this picture some other steps are followed so you can also try this one. The following pictures also help you in the application of liner.  Take a deep look!

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