Wedding Accessories which I Wear with my Wedding Dress:

| October 26, 2015

There are totally separate traditions to wears the bridal jewelry in west and east. Traditional western bridals are wear the simple and light jewelry with white gown as earrings, ring & chain pendant. Eastern bridals are wear the heavy wedding dress as they are wear the traditional heavy bridal accessories as head pieces, earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces and other also. Here we have some tips to pick the right eastern bridal jewelry with right wedding dress. Let’s have a look to these as:

purple and sea green lengha choli for wedding

•    Select the metal with matching dress:

sharara dress for wedding with jewelry
First of all eastern bridal select the suit table and affordable jewelry metal with bridal dress. There are many metals for jewelry like gold, white gold, silver etc. therefore, a bridal select the metal go with bridal dress.

•    Head pieces, Matha Patti, Jhummer:

bridal dress with jewelry
Traditional eastern bridals are wear the simple head piece with the whole get up and also wear the latest trendy jewelry in Matha Patti with wedding getup. Muslims traditional brides are also wear the one sided head piece called Matha Patti on the first day f wedding.

•    Earrings, Rings, Bangle accessories:

embroideredlengha choli with jewelry
Western brides are wearing the simple ring r a bracelets with wedding dress but the eastern brides are wear the heavy matching bangles with dress. They wear the thick design rings or panjangala in hand and also wear the gold or crystal heavy bangles with wedding dress. Earrings are too important for bridals. These earrings are available with different categories.

•    Necklaces with wedding dress:

long sleeveless maxi dress for wedding
An eastern bridal is incomplete without wearing the necklaces with bridal dress. These necklaces are available in different styles like pendant, rich jewelry, thick design and also in long princess necklace design. The gemstones, rhinestones, beads and pearls with matching dress are also embellished in these bridal necklaces.

•    Ready to a pose:

At the end, an eastern bridal jewelry accessory is approximately completed. After bridal getup, you are ready to give the pose. Be happy and stay blessed and giving the great poses for the bridal photo shoots.
anarkali dress with jewelry  Choosing Jewellery to Compliment Your Wedding Dress  (2)     sleeveless saree with jewelry velvet wedding frock with jewelry white flower wedding anarkali with jewelry

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