Ways To Make Handmade Bracelets

| October 23, 2014

Handmade bracelets

Now a day, bracelet is one the popular and noted hand jewelry that is founded in various awesome styles and materials in market. Modish girls are craziest about this cute and alluring trend. They like to wear handmade pearls, stones and beads bracelets with any outfit in daily routine. Today, I am going to share unique ideas to make modern and fantastic handmade bracelets. It is very easy to make handmade inexpensive bracelets by using diverse material that are more appreciate and lovely than market jewelry. Let see below fantastic and captivated handmade bracelets and learn ideas to make these.

Beaded handmade bracelet

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This is extremely simple and cute pattern to make handmade jewelry. Different colors cute beads and shinning beads are fastened together by pass the double shades thread from needle.

Leather straps bracelet

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In this picture, you are seeing fabulous, durable and alluring bracelets that are made with leather straps in cross style and close with antique steel button. You can find bright and vibrant five colors in these bracelets.

Braided nut bracelet

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This nut bracelet is distinctive and exquisite hand jewelry in this collection. For making this fantastic and cute bracelet take cotton ropes and cut three ropes in same size and then hold three edges together and knotted with leaving three inches measurement and start to make a braid. After make one part braid pass golden metal nut one by one in braid.

Gold metal bangle with pearls

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Look at this awesome and fascinated metal gold bangle that adorned with ivory shinning fabricate and fasten sterling pearls that enhance the allure and lustrous this bracelet.

Here, you are seeing handmade bracelets that are really incredible and cherished and make with numerous patterns by using stunning and glamorous material. A lot variety of handmade bracelets you can also see in the gallery images that are extremely chic and modernity.

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