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| April 2, 2014

Fashionable Jewelry for Bridals:

Jewelry plays a vital role in order to enhance the beauty of a woman. It is most widely used when a women is going to marry. But the concept of wearing jewelry is very much different in east & west. Here in this article our main concern is on earrings for bridals but before discussing this it is better for us to cast a look on the eastern & western cultural related to bridal jewelry.

Jewelry for Eastern Bridals:

In east countries or eastern culture mostly bridals likes to wear heavy jewelry. They have worn a lot of jewelry items on their wedding ceremony such as necklaces with earrings, bangles for bridals, anklets, rings, headpieces etc. Furthermore, the designs of all these jewelry pieces are very traditional & cultural. A lot of stones, beads, rhinestones precious metals such as gold & silver are used into the manufacturing of this jewelry. Mostly gold jewelry is preferable. But with the passage of time designers are providing into on latest fashion these people are changing their behavior towards the fashion.

Jewelry for Western Bridals:

If we talk about west then again brides wear hair tiaras, bracelets, rings, necklaces etc. But one thing that differentiates west brides from eastern brides is the simplicity in jewelry. Western brides wear simply yet elegantly designed necklaces or earrings. Sometimes a headpiece is also used. Uniquely designed bracelets & stylish rings are also used.

Earrings for Bridals:

Here you can explore the very elegant collection of earrings for bridals. If we talk about western brides then this collection is perfect for them. The plus point of this collection for western brides is that, in west mostly white color of wedding gown is preferable for bridals. So dear brides you can pair these diamond, rhinestone or crystals earrings with your white color wedding outfit.

Let’s now come towards the eastern bridals. You can wear also these earrings on the reception party of your wedding. On this day you can get a modish look instead of traditional. These earrings add a contemporary touch into your personality.

Crystal Earrings:

In this collection some earring are decorated with artificial but of good quality crystals. Crystals are used in various shapes some are in too little shape only for the purpose of highlighted the shape of earrings while some are used into the center of an earrings in oval, square, round & other shapes.

Rhinestones Earrings:

Some pairs of earrings are decorated with silver or transparent nature rhinestones.

New Designs of Bridal Earrings:

In this collection total new & trendy designs of earring are includes. Some are in tear drop style while some are floral pattern.  The chandelier designs of earring are also here.

1 amazing Wedding Jewelry Earrings

2 wedding wear jewelry earrings

3 beautiful long Bridal Earring silver

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