Spiral Design Russian Beaded Necklaces

| November 20, 2014

Russian Spiral Beaded Necklaces:

Everyone knows about Spiral pattern if no then you can see spiral design stairs into an office or market. Similarly today, we are going to explore the collection of spiral pattern beaded necklaces for women. These designs of necklaces are most commonly used into Russia or in other words we can say that these are part of the Russian history or culture.

These are mostly available in various countries very easily. Now days, these necklaces are mostly seen into the necklines of various well-known personalities as well as models. So, what’s your opinion about this fashion? Are you confused? Doesn’t worry; first have a look at some pictures which deals with spiral beaded necklaces then build an opinion about this fashion.

Simple Golden & off-white Spiral Necklace:

1 russian spiral beaded necklace as a wedding gift (1)

This is golden & off-white color beaded necklace that is manufactured by using spiral pattern. It is simple yet looking gorgeous & can be used as gift.

Beaded Russian Spiral Necklaces:

2 russian spiral beaded necklace as a wedding gift (9)

The pattern of these necklaces is slightly different from the above but it also comes into the category of spiral beaded necklace. It is available in lots of colors such as red, beige, purple etc with golden highlights.

Multi-colored Beaded Necklace:

3 russian spiral beaded necklace as a wedding gift (11)

The pattern of this necklace is exactly like the first one but this time the color & size of beads is different. In this spiral necklace yellow, red, green, golden & copper color off beads are used.

Spiral Design Necklace for Wedding:

4 russian spiral beaded necklace as a wedding gift (7)

This is a perfect wedding wear spiral necklace which is made by using pearls & beads. The matching earrings are increasing its value. This can also be used as gift, I mean you can give it your best friend on her wedding day.

Necklaces as Wedding Gift:

Some people like to give necklace as a gift on the wedding function. They can give necklace as gift to their partner of life, to their sister who will be going to marry soon, to their friend whose marriage is going to be held sooner etc. For this purpose you should choose a unique design of necklace such as this Russian Spiral beaded necklace.

You can buy it from the market as well as you can prepare a spiral pattern necklace at home by using beads or pearls if you know the art of making necklaces. Spiral necklace is usually mad by following a specific repetitive process. Once you understand this process then you can create any color as well as length of spiral necklaces. Have a look at some more colors of beaded spiral necklaces!

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