Points to Remember when Choosing Wedding Day or Bridal Jewelry

| October 27, 2015

How to Choose Bridal Wedding Day Jewelry? Complete Guideline

Wedding is a very important & significant day for a woman or girl. She wants to make it remarkable with best selection of accessories. But mostly it is observed that ladies feel confusion about what type of jewelry they should select for wedding day? They hesitate in order to take a decision about jewelry selection. But dear now you never need to worry about it, just read the following key points & solve this decision dilemma.

1)    First rule is, always buy the wedding dress first & then buy jewelry by keeping the dress into the mind. It helps you to take a right decision.
2)    Try to match the metal-from which the jewelry is made, gold, silver-with your wedding day dress plus try to choose a metal that goes best with your skin tone. The cool skin tone woman can go with silver jewelry while the warm skin tone can go with yellowish I mean gold metal jewelry.
3)    Don’t forget the neckline shape of your dress before choosing a necklace shape because with bateau neckline you should skip necklace & go with earring in chandelier design & similarly with v-neck pendant or choker style necklace look nice.
4)    Keep in mind that jewelry is only for supporting your wedding day dress so doesn’t over use it. People always ask what dress you are wearing on wedding day not what jewelry.
5)    Keep in mind whether you need vintage or modern jewelry.
6)    When you are in doubt about what pieces of jewelry you should choose then always stick to the basics earring, necklace, bracelet, rings etc.
7)    I know it’s a special day but it is not the day of experiment so choose that suits you best, choose that you like, choose in which you feel comfortable, choose that reflects yourself & your personality.
8)    Keep your cultural & regional requirements in to your mind while choosing jewelry.

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