Kundan Jewelry Always the Focus of Attention for South Asian Brides

| May 11, 2016

0. Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Kundan jewelry is as old as the Indian history is, basically originated from the Mughal times but after approaching of artisans to Rajasthan, this became the best place to craft Kundan jewelry. First the royal or elite class took this jewelry to give plunge showing their majestic power in past but with the flow of time particularly in India most of the ladies have adopted this precious gemstone jewelry hand to hand and now for South Asian brides the Kundan jewelry has much significant than any of other. You will see largely the Pakistani and Indian brides, worn Kundan jewels to adore their Asian beauty enchantingly. The gemstone is engraved with silver or gold to mix up the beauty.
The charm of Kundan for bride can be allocated in a way that this is listed on top preferred by a bride, so my intention is to invite all the Asian brides to come and explore the terrific impressions of Kundan flawlessly presented in the pictures given below. Some collective designs of bridal Kundan jewelry will significantly make your style statement just wow with eloquent impressions.
Kundan jewelry enhances the feminine beauty adorably that is why Asian brides explore their glam on big day. Just come and pick up the cool jewelry designs for your wedding.

Multi layered Kundan jewelry set:

1+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Well multi layered Kundan set is gorgeous to wow on wedding day by a bride, just see in the picture the first one multi pure Kundan layers but another choice is with mix pearl and Kundan layers. Well once again the royal inspired layered necklace trend has set up its fashion once again especially for brides. Take this for your D-day matched with embroidered traditional aura.

Kundan Jhumka earrings for brides:

2+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Just see the glitz of Kundan earrings crafted with gold and pearl and this mixing of pearl with Kundan is delicately mesmerizing the looks. These earrings can opt by a bride with her after wedding functions whenever she has to appear on dinner or the parties arranged for the newlywed couple.

Kundan rings in different styles:

3+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

When you have decided to make style statement with Kundan fine jewelry for big day then choosing the best design matched Kundan rings is also significant for a bride. Not only give style to hands by rings but also feet wearing beautiful rings. You may take the toe and finger Kundan ring attached with multi layers of pearls to just enhance the delicate beauty of hands.

Bridal Kundan bracelet design:

4+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Well going with Kundan statement bracelets is another gorgeous option for brides who don’t want to go with bangles. The bracelet which has attachment  with rings looks just allure on the beautiful hands of Asian bride and when you match the traditional red nail paint it further enhance the complexion.

Kundan anklets for wedding day:

5+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Generally Indian brides wear anklets designed accurately using the stones or gold but Kundan anklets have prominent charm to glorify the beauty of feet. But care for your feet a month before your wedding if you want to enchant anklet glamorously, use Ubtan that give shine to sun kissed skin tone of Asian bride and normally it’s a tradition to apply Ubtan on bride.

Kundan Matha Patti dazzles:

6+ Kundan jewelry collection for Asian brides

Well there are many designs available in markets for Matha Patti but I would rather suggest you to ensure your face shape and then decide the designs. In the picture the two style one with single peal layers and other with multi layer Matha Pattis looking attractive. Have beautiful refined bridal hairstyle and then beautify this jewel on head to be just like a princess.

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