Gold Beaded Headpiece

| July 17, 2013

Gold head pieces are the very widespread to exploit in bridal wear. But here we are not having the bridal wear top part of a set these are the festivity and fancy contest wear accessories. This head pieces are belong to Egyptian culture and trend.  The Egyptian bride wear there traditional head piece on the wedding ceremony. The gold beads head pieces are made by pure gold head pieces and the chain is use in it to complete it. These gold beads are attached beautifully with the crisscross work and make the full head cover jewelry. The trimming work on the round side of it seems to be interesting. These are use in the head cover with the lots of embellishment of golden beads. The images of snake are use on the top of the head pieces. The wig type Cleopatra is the most useable in the western area. The beads and the laces are use in this collection of gold beaded head pieces. The multi color beads are also use in it; it a resemblance to peacock quill and the peacock skin texture is attached on it. The gold beads are in poles part outline exploit in it.

Topic: Gold beaded Headpiece
Color: yellow and golden
Material: gold chain and beads
Design: head cover and Cleopatra
Perfect for: parties.

Gold beaded Headpiece

Gold beaded Headpiece (1)

Gold beaded Headpiece (2)

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