Different Style Memos Gold Pleated Rings for 2016 -17

| December 2, 2016

The  dress and the footwear are the  basic need of the human beings because if we  remove these things we become return back to the age of stones and live like the people of forest who wore the  leaves to cover their body  but now the  world is so modern and rapid  all the things are very fast and change from the  previous  age  when we carry dress  jewelry is the second thing for the ladies because God has given the right for ladies to groom themselves because it make them more beautiful  the  rings and the necklace are the best thing in the jewelry the rings for the  hands because the hands of the ladies don’t look good without jewelry so the rings are best for the fingers because it gives you feminine touch males also carry rings but their rings are different and especially the girls carry gold rings after their wedding but the gold rings are best for engagement and the  wedding days.  Some brides like to go with the diamond and the  white gold . In the rings there are much variety and gold is the favorite metal of the ladies they are very desirous of the gold. So here I have some gold pleated rings in different new styles.

Emerald color gold ring:

1. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

Green color emerald  gold ring is very beautiful  in the round long form with the golden stones in the both sides of the ring  with the dark green color stones is looking very colorful and attractive you can carry it with your  light color dresses  now in the gold jewelry stones are very inn  it is very light weighted and the best for engagement ring or the parties.

Silver grey color ring:

2. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

in the  circle shape from the bottom and the bridge style on the upper that is embellished with the  grey and black stones in the  sequence  and the beads are also used you can carry it with hour party dresses  with red and black dress this rings goes well  it is very descent  and so much expensive the price are also  on the picture.

Rounded simple ring:

3. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

The girls who like to carry the  rings in simple style and for the  every time they can carry the circle ring in simple  cut out style  and the stones on it on the both sided of the  cuts the grey stones are used it is very easy to carry in the every time  it is very light weight  and  it is available in many styles and colors you can buy it for you and make your simple  fingers beautiful.

Five finger rings with bracelet:

4. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

In the  royal families  the queen and the princess were mostly carried the five fingers rings along with bracelet that is very beautiful and give  you a royal look so in  the wedding you can carry the  purjangla   in your hands that give  your hands a great look if you have  not carry any jewelry  then  jaal style on the  wrist and the floral with gold and the pink stones are  giving your  five fingers bracelet  a great look  on the wedding of anyone  you can  give  the  gift  to others.

Black stones gold rings

5. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

 Black color  stones are mostly liked by the girls because some girls like to go with the black  color whether that is in anything  so the golden color round shape ring like the flower style in golden color and in the center black color stone is used  with the white stones in the side of the  black color that is best with the silver  dress and the  red color dress is also good for the black ring you can give this ring to someone as a gift  on her birthday or any thanksgiving gifts.

Pink and green colorful ring:

6. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

 The girls who like the colorful things because it is their age they like to go with the dark colors because the light colors are liked by the old age ladies so the pink and green color stones umbrella style ring is looking so enchanting  the ruby and the emerald stones in the umbrella big flower style ring is best for  carrying it on the wedding parties and the  get together parties when you carry it you have no need to carry another jewelry with this ring because it is light weighted. When you buy this ring don’t be worried about the size of the ring because it is adjustable.

 Gold ring for engagement:

7. Meemos Gold Plated Rings Collection 2016-17

 Gold rings are best for the engagement because it  look so nice and the favorite of the girls  in these rings diamond and gold both are  good in the cocktail style  engagement light weighted and the attractive golden very  beautiful and the fascinating  rings in the stones and the  rhinestone the zigzag  style and the crisscross style  on the upper layer of the ring the stones are  looking very nice  the spring style  ring is also very nice for the engagement girl  who is in very little age  stars in silver color and the  petals on the front side  embedded with the crystals  and stones . You can give your bride she will feel really happy.

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