Backdrop Bridal Necklace Collection Embellished with Stones and Pearls

| November 9, 2016

On the big day of wedding a bridal needs to wear a lot of jewelry and ornaments to look heavenly beautiful. Although in western countries even on wedding day a bridal wear simple but stylish outfit with some accessories. A new trend is introduced that is also include in the accessories of bridals and that is backdrop necklace. As the bridals drap net dupatta so these accessories do not hide under the dupatta but the place which was empty start shining and seems to be adorned. So this is a good choice to wear backdrop necklace as it will add charm and elegance to your overall demeanor. There are different designs in this necklace for they can be found embellished with stones or pearls etc. Let us see different designs that we can have in the wide range of backdrop necklace. Some of them are given below;

Pearl and stone embellished necklace;

1. back drop necklace bridal jewelry

This necklace is looking very stunning and gorgeous. If you are wearing white color gown with draping dupatta, this necklace will enough to adorn your neck and make you look classy. If you are wearing backless gown then back part will look empty so here is the best option for you to make your get up complete and full of elegance with such piece of jewelry. Its designing is very impressive with stones at the midst part and the layers are full of pearls. Backdrop necklace consist of a layer that is filled with pearls and stones.

Crystal stone;

2. Backdrop Bridal necklace amazing collection (1)

The necklace shown here consists of one stone only that is crystal stone. This necklace will look adorable with off-shoulder dress that is in white silk fabric. From the backside, the backside chain is adorned with small stones and at the end there is a large stone that will shine. A high updo hairstyle will definitely go with the adorned back necklace. The chain is very delicately designed and with stone it will make you look stylish and delicate.

Pearl embroiled backdrop neck lace;

3. pearl back drop necklace bridal collection

Here we have a pearl embroiled necklace that consists of white and off-white pearls. In this necklace a very sleek chain is decorated with two different size and colors of pearls from the center. From the back side the chain is long and at equal distance three pearls are beaded. If you are wearing a saree then opt for this kind of backdrop necklace.

Backdrop necklace with long chain;

4. Backdrop Bridal necklace amazing collection (6)

This backdrop necklace has a long chain having a stone on the way and then three small sized chains are attached to the stones that are hanging. Three chains in which two are of the similar length while the midst is bigger are decorated with pearls. Key-hole dress and peplum dress can be adorned further and can be looked good upon you with the help of this backdrop necklace.

Rhinestones and crystals embellished necklace;

5. rose gold backdrop necklace vintage style

The necklace is giving aristocratic look as its designing technique is very awesome. The golden color chain is adorned with crystals of medium size that are themselves decorated with rhinestones. An almond shape stone in the midst is looking very elegant and well-designed. Bridals of any country can wear this necklace. On engagement functions these are wearable and it can syuit toevery one regardless of age or color complexion.

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