How to Wrap a Birthday Gift?

| January 3, 2015

Packing Ideas for Birthday Gift:

When you want to wish your friend on his/her birthday then you usually give a gift to him/her with a birthday card or with a flower bouquet. After buying a suitable gift for your friend, sister, cousin or beloved (whom birthday is coming soon), you need to pack this gift very uniquely & stylishly.

A beautifully packed or wrapped gift always draws the attention of the birthday person. When you pack a gift very gracefully then it increases the value of your gift plus it shows your affection & love for the other person because you not only buy a gift for him/her but also wrap it with great care & warmth. Now let me share some very unique idea of packing birthday gifts. Read the following points & then watch the pictures!

1)    Think to wrap the birthday gift in a newspaper. You may be thinking “it’s very odd” but it makes your gift very prominent on the gift table. No doubt, it is a costless gift packing idea.
2)    Secondly, you can wrap gift into a simple & plain paper. Then you can use a wide & long piece of lace for wrapping around the gift or you can use a crochet piece into your gift packing process.
3)    Thirdly, for the purpose of making your gift packing beautiful you can use flowers. You can go with every type of flowers such as original flowers, fabricate flowers, paper flowers etc.
4)    Decorate the gift with shinny decorative material that is mostly used into the wall decoration & ceiling roof decoration of various wedding, birthday, anniversary & other parties.
5)    You can wrap the gift only in a floral printed paper that is easily available on the gift shops.
6)     A unique idea of wrapping a gift is the usage of a fabric. You can go with polka dots fabrics or paisley print fabric & floral print stuff. Velvet & Banarsi fabrics can give very classic look to your gift.
7)    Now days, various designs of shinny papers are also available into market for wrapping gift. So, you can with these parts.
8)    Think to use rope in order to cover your simple gift packing into a gorgeous one. First of all you need to select two different colors of ropes. Now use these ropes in such a way that you can create “web” like structure on the gift. (You can check out the pictures which are shown below)
9)    Artificial butterflies are also available into the market. After wrapping gift into a simple paper you can paste these butterflies on the gift.
10)    You can create a bow style knot by using silk ribbons. Silk ribbon Bow gives a very edgy look to the gift.

Hopefully, this article helps you a lot in order to wrap a gift. Get more ideas by explore the following picture gallery!

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