Pakistani Bridals Red Dresses with Makeup Ideas

| October 12, 2015

Pakistani brides’ ethnic red dresses with makeup ideas

Every culture & state has its own conventional customs and civilization that is classification of their living style & traditions. Today, at this blog I will talk about Pakistani brides wedding dresses those are well-liked across the country. Pakistani bride ethnically wears red dress on her wedding day that is symbol of auspicious love. Wedding dresses for Pakistani bridals are created in varied chic silhouettes but main color is red that sometimes also come with contrasted hues. They wear costly jewelry for enrich grace their dress that mostly founded in gold metal.
The central topic of this post is to share Pakistani brides’ makeup ideas those they dress up according their dress colors’ scheme and really exude ultra-classic magnificent glance. Some brides prefer bright glowing makeup while some others like light cosmetic insertion. Mostly brides cover their lips with red lipsticks those are main attraction of their facial look and eye-shades make-up can apply in numerous ideas such as cay eyes, Smokey eyes, shimmery eyes and contrasted hues eyes make up. Here, I accumulated tremendous graceful Pakistani brides’ makeup views those are all individually appreciated. Take a look and get inspiration from Pakistani bridal’ lovely make up ideas.

1.    Glowing bridal makeup with Smokey eyes & shiny lipstick

1 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (11)

2.    Shimmery kajol eyes with red lipstick for Pakistani bride

2 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (2)

3.    Bright red lipstick with cat eyes kajol for modish bridal look

3 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (3)

4.    Stunning bridal in red dress with matching tint lipstick

4 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (4)

5.    Ethnic Pakistani bride with customary jewelry & makeup look

5 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (5)

6.    Modern Pakistani bride with classy makeup facial glance

6 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (6)

7.    Gleaming flat makeup beauty for traditional bride

7 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (7)

8.    Endearing bridal in light tint glowing makeup

8 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (8)

9.    Orange red lipstick is best for wedding bridal

9 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (9)

10.    Traditional bridal facial glance with beaded jewelry

10 How To Do red Wedding Makeup (10)

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