Info About Your Favorite Pet Kyi-Leo Puppy plus Pics

| November 6, 2013

This breed of puppy is basically found in the Francisco in the year of 1950’s by cross breeding of Lhasa Apso & Maltese. The name of this puppy “Kyi-Leo” has also its roots but here our main concern is to discuss this breed only.
It has black, white or sometimes brown color hair on his body. Mostly the hairs on the body are in white color while the hairs around the face are in black & brown color. They have a round shape face.

As they grow their hairs also grow so you must be very careful about the brushing of their hairs. They have small legs. There coat on the body is thick. They have a tail at back which becomes straight upward when the dog is alert on something. Overall they have a very lovely appearance.
You can use this kind of puppies as your pet. Various kinds of exercises help a lot in the well grooming of these pets. These puppies also need some vaccinations for the prevention of dog diseases. For better grooming of these puppies you should provide them better place to play while high quality food items are also necessary for them.

Kyi-Leo Puppies
As Pet

Kyi-Leo puppy petit pictures

row beautiful Kyi-Leo puppy

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