Info About Guardian, Shaggy, Wavy & Coated Bergamasco Shepherd Puppy

| November 6, 2013

Full-bodied and rural dog breed none other than ‘Bergamasco’ is a very old dog breed which is known because of shaggy, long, curled chubby hair coat that cover the whole body from head to paws. They have a dissimilar and individual outwardly look.
Generally they have herder or guardian skills and known as the Italy dog breed.

Outer shell:
By look they are very chubby and weird because of extra long hair coat which is present in white, grey, black, fawn and tan color. Triangle dropping ears, oval eyes and black nose almost hides under this shaggy coat. Owing to heavy coat, they can bear cold and wintry season. Easily.

This breed is sturdy and trustful, energetic, intelligent and active. They like to play with children but with great care. They have also guardian and watch skills and do their duty very well. Because of loyalty, affectionate and sincerity, they can easily be kept in homes.

They have long and shaggy hair coat so their grooming is difficult but not too much complicated. Daily you would have to brush their hair, clean their ears, paws and eyes. Long walk and exercise should be done daily so that they show their skills in best way. Their yard and food items also should be much neat and clean.

As pet;
Because of above nature, look and temperate, they are much suitable for domestic pet. You can purchase this dog breed as home animal because it can not only eliminate your loneliness but also do the duty of guardian and watch home duty.
Dog name: Bergamasco
Color: White, fawn, black, grey and brown
Look: Shaggy curled wavy long hair coat
Nature: Tolerate, brave, bold and guardian
Ready for: Home pet

information about Bergamasco Shepherd puppy


three Bergamasco Shepherd puppy

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