Folk Anklet Ideas for Bridals

| March 9, 2016

An ankle, also called ankle chain or ankle bracelet, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Anklets can be worn casually, on formal occasion and parties and also on wedding ceremonies, and cultural festivals etc.  Mostly anklets are made with metal such as gold, silver, brass, stainless steel etc. For the purpose of decoration pearls, crystals, beads, rhinestones & gemstones are used. Anklets are again in fashion. You can find different types of anklets such as some are Noisy anklets having bells, some are without bells while some are with lucky charms.


A gypsy macramé beaded anklet which is hand knotted with brown macramé cord and used tiny Brass beads and bells to give a musical touch each time you walk with it. It’s the perfect accessory to enrich your bohemian outfits and to feel the gypsy touch to your fashion.


This ankle bracelet is made by Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Filled. For casual use this simple & light weight anklet is just an ideal choice.  If you like then you wear a ring into your toe finger. This silver color beaded anklet is just perfect for those girls who want non noisy anklets.



it is viewed as an imperative bit of adornments for the larger part of ladies. Some respect them to be an image of affection, while others accept that anklet bring peace and good fortunes. Today, anklets are made out of silver, gem and pearl, each of which suit the need of everybody. Having worn an absolutely conventional dress, you will love to game it with a pearl anklet which upgrades its general magnificence.



If you are going to marry soon & belong from a traditional Indian family then this heavily embellished anklet is appropriate for you. This anklet is designed very gorgeously by following the pattern of Kundan jewelry that’s why I call it Kundan anklets. This fancy anklet is just an ideal choice for the bridal wear. Indian or Pakistani bridals can wear this design of anklet with their heavily embellished wedding dress.



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