Assortment of Wedding Vintage Garter Set for Legs

| February 1, 2014

A band that is usually worn around the leg (I mean on thigh) is called a garter. The tradition of wearing Garter is very common especially in the west. A bride can wear it whether on right or on left thigh. But mostly it is worn on right side. The second thing is the color, style & design of leg garter set.

So you should always selection the garter set according to the color of your wedding dress or the garter set which go perfect with your wedding theme. Usually two pieces (I mean a pair) that are worn around the leg generally makes a garter set.

Here I bring the collection of various styles & newly designed garter sets for your upcoming wedding. Net stuff, laces, beads, ribbons are used in the Manufacturing & ad ornamentation of these garters. Have a look at the Photos!

Collection of: Garter Set
For: Wedding/Bridals
Made with: Net Stuff
Adorned with: Beads, Laces, Ribbons

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Category: Fashion Accessories

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