Trendy Eid ul Azha Designer Dresses Collection 2015 for Women

| September 20, 2015

Eid ul azha

Eid ul azha is considered as yearly occasion of muslim all over the world. It is also called as bakr eid as well. eid ul azha involves sacrifice of cows, buffaloes and specially goats and sheeps.
Current presentation
Our currently mentioned presentation is correlated with display of dazzling and eye catching eid special designs for girls, elected form foremost and best of all traditonal designs.

Pink designer cotton dress for women

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pink: pink is considered as shade of feminine because women have natural  attraction toward pink at some instance. Pink dresses are equally sold out toward women as black ones. We have drafted appealing and gorgeous fashion pink long top design for girls based pon pure cotton material and is accomplished with bold black concentrated thread embroidery along the sides of dress as well.

Mauve cotton dress for girls

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Eid dresses: eid dresses are considered as occasional dresses which is sometimes heavy in nature. It is tradition of eid that every person we are new and well designed segments and people are too excited about new fashion range I clothing and other apparels on eid basis.
We have elected dazzling and amiable cotton dress design for women based upon pure cotton fabric material. Our drafted segment involves medium length shirt along with capri. Accomplishment is managed with lace embroider designs on whole shirt.

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