Stylish Visual Kie Dressing For Girls 2014

| March 15, 2014

Visual kie is a Japanese music movement that has been faddish and trendy sine 1980,s basically it’s an individual style which has been becoming more interesting and famous from last few years in some areas. In this fashion artists wear make up, elaborate and different hairstyle unique colorful customs. Sometimes persons with androgynous aesthetic occasionally make over their selves in this unique punk style which make them different and unique from others.

Here we have some inspiring ideas related to this fashion or trend for women interested in this fashion. Colorful blue, pink and many other attractive hair dyes with emo cutting are suitable with their unique dressing. However some people claim that visual kie is a subcultural movement but this fashion goes on. Colorful dresses and accessories are involved in this fashion. Let’s have a look on some modern style visual kie outfits for women.

Topic: Visual kie dresses for women
Theme: funky and vivid
Colors: red, pink, blue etc

new women  visual kei dress 2014

white and black printed  visual kei dress 2014

white and pink color  visual kei dress 2014

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