Elegant Wedding Dresses by Sadia Mirza

| July 8, 2014

Sadia mirza is the Pakistani fashion designer who has enlarges her fashion house Sadia Mirza’s Virtues in 1998. After she returned from United Kingdom by completed her designing classes from London College of designing she become able to develop her own luxurious house that may execute the characteristics of the femininity. Sadia mirza’s virtues are opulence label developing ornately decked clothes. Sadis mirza’s virtues concentrated on the idealistic uniqueness regarding ladies outfits, especially in the range of wedding maxis, lehenga dresses, formal attires and fashion costumes. The sadia mirza’s label strenuous to expand her labeled outfits in strong and strapping situate in the existing condition of the other brands. Significant thing about the label is, it concentrated on the six demonstrations of V. they are Vanity, Vintage, Vision, Voyage, Visage and Velocity.
Saida mirza has commenced all type costumes, but here we are gong to discuss about the maxi and lehenga dresses that are specifically reveal the exteriors and outlook of wedding costumes. She gained a specific name in the field of wedding dresses keep in mind her six Vs. all the attires are tremendously designed and styled in gorgeous way to accomplish the loveliness of the girls. Have an appreciating look on the fabulous collection of wedding maxi and lehenga by sadia mirza.

Natasha’s graceful costume

1. stylish Wedding maxi & lehenga by Saadia Mirza (2)

Fantastically wonderful costume by sadia mirza’s virtue expresses the exclusive and exceptional collection of wedding dress that may perfectly suit on the day of wedding. The super model and hosting Queen Natasha with a lovely smile introducing this stunning attire with remarkable embellishment and ornamentation of heavy material that will fully express your sensational gaze in the gathering.

Striking white costume

2. stylish Wedding maxi & lehenga by Saadia Mirza (6)

Striking white maxi with an open gown has a twinkling allure in the night celebrations. This conspicuous white dress augments your fascination and energetic gaze in this baroque adorned outfit. Splendid qualities having the combination with sky blue color and a ornament finishing make the costume incredible and noteworthy.

Nice white tissue dress

3. stylish Wedding maxi & lehenga by Saadia Mirza (7)

Amazingly designed outfit by sadias mirza in white color also present her appreciation and complimentary choice. She offers exclusively approved and joyful manifestation through this stupendous outfit. Soft and smooth tissue fabric is used and finishing with lappa, and goti work. A quixotic and idealistic jacket having high quality embedded and adoration presents graceful symptom and indication.

Modern wedding costume

4. stylish Wedding maxi & lehenga by Saadia Mirza (9)

Quite elegant and stylish dress with light embroidery and some shiny beads helps to display you in modernize manifestation. This sleeveless outfit having an admiring and flattering neck style designing that will suit to your individuality. Striking palazo with precise ending with approving laces and shiny stars on the whole enhances the entire personality in new and latest gesture.

All the wedding costumes with lehenga and maxi providing a graceful charm and splendid manifestation with the help of their embellishments and ornamentations. Sadia mirza take care of the choice of the females regarding fashion fabrics and clothing. She admired her designed collection with the stupendous structures and styles. She keeps in mind the selection and preference related to the ladies and designed effectively appreciating wedding dress for the contemporary girls for specific celebrations.

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