Awesome Wedding Costumes 2016 Collection Offered by Shiza Hassan

| April 21, 2016

Shiza Hassan latest bridal collection:

Those who are going to be bride in this year must watch this enormously prestigious wedding collection which is excellently matchless in its patterns. Shiza is talented Pakistan fashion designer, she handle the romanticism, delicacy. Prominence and sensational ingredients immaculately which are essentially required for an inspiring wedding dress. She infused her excellent artistic vision in his outfits with great dexterity that her costumes become epitome of contemporary fashions.

Discussing the desired place of shiza Hassan, here e are sharing her most recent and flattering wedding collation which is just stunning due to its intricate patterns, appealing designing and immaculate stitching cuts. Thus collection is based upon various wearing styles which are consumed in different stuffs, embellishing patterns and splendid art works to produce fine expressions of ideal bridal costumes. These bridal attires are matchless selection to enhance the beauty of charming young girls who are ready t6o be bride in this year. You must take a view of this inspiring collection which is fantastically awesome and matchless expression of artistic intricacy.  Be ready to explore your nuptial appearance according to that ideal level which is your desired. Let’s discuss flattering touches, note worthy embellishing patterns and their prominent features of this fetching collection.

Bright hade lehanga dress:

1 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (1)
Lehanga is ever green wearing style of bride but have you ever seen such fabulous lehanga in unique colors. Bright shaded lehanga kurti is embellished with heavy prestigious embellishing patterns and inspiring stitching cuts. Brides can carry this fetching lehanga with heavy jewelry and light embellished dupatta to sustain class elegance. This amazing lehanga dress is terrific to produce an impressive nuptial beauty at walima day.

Heavy maroon lehanga choli:

2 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (8)

Those sensational beauties who are interested in lehanga choli can think about this fabulous heavy zardosi worked lehanga choli. its regal embellishing vision is tremendously fantastic and teemed wit fabulous grace. As this wedding costume is enormously heavy so stay away from extravagant bright makeup and all jewelry accessories, just one or two pieces of jewelry accessories are enough to enjoy splendid elegance are wedding day.

Lehanga choli with long net gown:

3 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (12)

An inspiring stitching idea is consumed in fetching flora print heavy embellished bridal dress. Profound embellished lehanga choli is paired with net upper gown which are producing contemporary elegance to tackle the young bridal beauty. This walima bridal costume is tremendously excellent to produce evocative bridal beauty when you will pair it with heavy but slight items of precious jewelry.

Print lehanga with full sleeve choli:

4 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (6)

Take a look of this color scheme, its immaculate expression of novelty, flora print full volume lehanga is paired with full sleeve choli to boost up an idea bridal dress. This dress is perfect to carry at reception. Brides can go with wavy bob or loose updo hairstyles t enjoys classy grace at their reception celebration. Those inspiring lehanga choli is tremendously allure in its expression so get reads to capture the eyes of whole reception’s crowd in praising prospect.

Long shirt with long train lehanga:

5 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (3)

Those who want to accentuate their cuteness in their bridal expression can select this inspiring color scheme which is excellently excellent in its expression. This heavy embellished intricate stitched wedding dress has prominent vision of western stitching style. Make your bridal appearance more and more compact by immaculate makeup and precious jewelry. With this dressing style, wavy hairs or messy bun can produce terrific elegance.

Long train gown:

7 Wedding Dresses by Shiza Hassan 2016 Collection (10)

Full sleeve long train inspiring gown has superb concept of heavy embellishing patterns. This matte gold bridal gown is bedecked with fetching floral and fancy embellishing touches. Contrast colored inspiring dupatta and long sleeves are further increasing its splendid elegance. Decent but precious earrings and updo hairstyle is recommended with such fetching bridal dress which is greatly excellent for those who love novelty and unique features.

Fashion suggestion:

make sure that your wedding dress is perfectly comforted and suitable according to your figure. Sometime brides are spoiled the grace of tremendously fetching dress just because of its fitting irregularity or uncomfortable adjusting issues.

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