10 Most Astonishing Dresses Designed by Alexander McQueen

| July 5, 2014

Alexander McQueen:

Alexander McQueen was a very popular British fashion designer. His full name was Lee Alexander McQueen. Due to his awesome way of designing he had won the awards of best fashion designer from the remarkable institutions such as from Council of Fashion Designing of America.  He had a great found of fashion designing since his childhood that’s why he had designed lots of outfits from his younger age to his sister. Then he worked in Sevile Row (a street in Mayfair, central London, which is famous because of very fabulous tailoring of clothes) & won fame.

Alexander McQueen Dresses:

He had designed lots of outfits for well-known personalities & Hollywood stars. He gained fame only because of his flawless & impeccable ways of designing, styling & stitching a dress. His seasonal collection plus formal & wedding wear outfits are were also very popular among the fashion conscious ladies & gents. Currently, a very talented & skillful team of fashion designers is working in this fashion house for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of fashion. Once again, the fashion label “Alexander McQueen” has been making a very good place into the hearts of public.

Top 10 Awesome Design of Alexander McQueen Dresses:

On this page we are not going to discuss about his wedding dresses or party outfits but instead of it you can explore the very unique, wonderful & really very awesome designs of outfits which are designed by taking inspiration from different living & non-living items.

Exhibition “Savage Beauty”:

Savage Beauty is basically a very popular exhibition which was held into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This fashion exhibition was held on the date of 4th May, 2011 & closed on the date of 7th August, 2011. In this exhibition the very unique & astonishing dresses which are designed by the Alexander McQueen are shown. It was really a very big hit exhibition which resulted in a record attendance of people into the museum. From this exhibition, I include the top 10 dresses. Some are made with fresh flowers (Sarabande) while some are with wood sticks, the black feather dress & crystal embellished dress, some are designed by taking inspiration from the age of empire & lots of others are shown into this picture gallery. Each dress is showing a specific dramatic scenario and narrative structure. Check out this gallery & celebrate the Alexander McQueen very unique & exceptional contribution to the fashion industry!

black color stunning Alexander McQueen Dress

blue color stunning Alexander McQueen Dress

flower style stunning Alexander McQueen Dress

long stunning Alexander McQueen Dress

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