Wedding Glasses Decoration Ideas

| April 15, 2016

How to decorate the wedding glasses

0. wedding glasses decoration ideas

The decoration of the wedding is very compulsory for memorable   weddings and the people who come in the wedding first of all they say the organization in the wedding. The venue discussion is discussed after and only decoration is remembered always. The organizer of all the decoration is praised from every guest but when you are planning to decorate your wedding   hall or ground for the reception party and wedding then you should see the comfort and peace which you have to provide the guest. Wedding is a name of some decoration things like bridal is   decorated, groom, stage, all coming guest, your family even the salad and cake is also very decorated if the plates are decorated then how can the glass can be left behind so you should take attention toward the wedding glasses because when you  drink champion ,bear or soft drink then  it create a remarkable effect on their memory  so here I have some collection of these glasses which are very easy to decorate and you can use it in your wedding ceremony  with full happiness  and joy able manner.

Decorating glass in different ways

1.    Wine glass is mostly used in the wedding ceremony and you can drink anything in these embellished glass you can decorate the glasses with your own hand beads and pearls are mostly available at home which you can paste on the glass .First of all take a marker and trace the design which do you like most and paste the beads, pearls and ribbon on it to make it fancy. Yellow color is specific for the uptan, mehendi and wedding before functions   and you can keep these glasses in these functions. Sparkling glass are very good choice for the mehendi function you can use colorful  sparkling paint on the wine  glasses it look so nice you can make in same design silver color glass for the reception parties.

1. wedding glasses decoration ideas

2.    On the wedding day you can gift you can gift a  couple of glass which has sign of  groom and bride the gown sign is at one glass and  the coat style is on the other glass means pair of glass show the  couple of this newlywed groom and bride. You can paint it black and white and use the black and white ribbon for making bows and for something fancy you can use these color stones with these bows but if you like something colorful then you can decorate your glass with colorful flowers.
2. wedding glasses decoration ideas

3.    On the win glass you can make geometrical pattern and graphic prints on the glass with colorful paints and art things paisley design and wavy design can make on the glass with stones and kundan. If there is very simple function then you can make dots style on the glass with   nail paints and other pencil nail brushes. Many people are creative they want to do something extra embellishment and decoration so if you are so creative then you can  make design on the glasses and add ribbons and stones to make it decent and fancy.

3. wedding glasses decoration ideas

4.    The wedding ceremony which is mostly held in the spring season if you have to organize spring wedding decoration then you must give a touch of spring season on the glasses .You make the branches, tress, bloom flower, fruits and leaves style on the glasses but you can add stones, pearls and beads on the glass to decorate it for spring wedding. On these glasses you can write the name of wedding couple with beautiful color markers and paints.

4. wedding glasses decoration ideas

5.    Some weddings are organized at the day of 14 Feb. which is commonly used as a valentine day and people say it is the day of love so if you have an idea to decorate the glass according to this special day then you can make hearts, red roses, colorful flowers on that glasses which look so nice on this day and it will memorable for you and your all relatives .For decorate the glass   you can write the name of the   couple  of the wed couple and  if you can write the name of  the every coming guest then it is good.

5. wedding glasses decoration ideas


Never go with expensive glasses because   it be  break in the mob   rather use cheap glass and make it expensive by your creativity and   you can decorate the glass according to the theme of the marriage ceremony it gives your glass decoration ideas a  great  match.

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