Turkish Henna Wedding Party Decorations:

| February 6, 2016

Wedding ceremonies are held in every culture and country in an energetic mode and all very excited to attend the marriages. Marriages are arranged under the instruction of parents but in western countries couple does marriages as their own wish. People are arranged their ceremonies in very vigorously. All relatives and friends are come in the henna ceremony and it becomes a tradition in all over the world. Decoration is the first preference of the people; they apply different ideas in their decoration. In previous years Henna was the function of Indians but now it is common in all over the world. Every culture enjoys this ceremony as according to their traditions.

In the eastern countries the trend is developed day by day and people arrange the henna ceremonies in the parks, garden, lawn, houses, street and their houses. But in this mechanical time many people prefer the marriage hall for the henna ceremony and other words mehendi ceremony. The mehendi is applying on the hands of brides and the coming ladies congratulate them. The eve before wedding is called henna nights.

Henna ceremonies are mostly held at nights and in night everything with colorful appearance creates a mind blowing effect in our health. In the henna ceremony the fragrance of mehendi and Upton is spread everywhere. The ladies put on yellow, red, green and pink color dresses these colors give us a colorful touch .The whispering of bangles from the ladies and the brides feel a melodious voice.

Turkish people use candle in their henna ceremonies because the flower’s fragrance is very delicious and sweet and in the occasion of happiness it add more bliss. The theme of white purple and pink flower is good for the henna ceremony because it is very unique and fabulous color, pink and white color is the sign of innocently and harmlessly.

In the henna wedding party you can burn candles all over the hall and house wherever you have organized a function. If you have arranged it in the garden or lawn then you can decorate the trees and plants with beautiful lights. Large vases with colorful fresh flowers are kept in sides of the path; red carpet can go with your colorful ceremony.

If your henna ceremony is near to the swimming pool you can lit the candles and fire pits alongside  the pool  and further you can add flowers in the water of pool it gives a fresh environment. Different shaded  curtains are very good for your night henna party club light is very common in the trend you can décor the stage with these lights and a large delicate chandelier in the center of the stage gives you a calm atmosphere .

For singing competition you can sit on the beautiful yellow and green floor mats and cushion where you can sit and apply the mehendi in yours and girl friends hands. You can wear garlands and bracelet made of flowers give a delightful feelings. There is no specific

Color for in flower selection you can choose as your own wish.

The trend of candles is much high among the people some people organized the bars, drink, dancing and eating and drinking whole night. The girl holds candles and Roses flower in their hands and walk around the bride it is the culture of Turkish. The girls mostly participated in mehendi ceremony with full buzz, they have carried mehendi plates and welcome the guest they can decorate these plates with petals and mirrors accessories .Hopefully my ideas will help you in the arrangement of the henna ceremony. Thanks for all!


1.Mehndi plate with beautiful style 2.ground setting of henna 3..furniture in henna ceremony 4.pool along the henna cermony  6.swing and cushion setting in henna 7.Presenting henna 7+mehndi ceremony 8.singing competition


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