Top most Mehndi Hall Decoration Designs 2016

| May 19, 2016

0. Mehndi Hall Decoration 2016

Dhol ki Thaap and Bhangra upon it, colors of life with dance floor and entertaining activities of Sangeet, when all it comes in one place it is called Mehndi. Mehndi function is more energetic and fascinating wedding event not only for youngsters but for elders too. Everything is full of colors whether it’s the dresses or the decoration, yes not only you need to embellish yourself but for making the moments bashful you need to arrange the best decoration of Mehndi hall. Mehndi decoration is quite different from other wedding decorations for example you will see mostly the yellow color themes suggested for Mehndi in flowers, decoration, dresses or all other accessories. This is the pure traditional function of South Asia mostly in India and Pakistan it is celebrated almost in the same way.
Well in past this function was not as much trendier as it is today, all the activities go on all night but to make time more beautiful it’s important to make the place of Mehndi also beautiful and I will give you ideas of decorating the complete hall.
Well there are multi-color curtains, flower decoration, lighting, Moroccan theme based decoration and the traditional decoration things like Matka, chandelier and lanterns. Mix the patterns and make a wow décor to Mehndi night; however the yellow color is substantial code but mixing of green, pink, shocking pink, orange and other bright shades are also exciting. Curtain canopy in hall is traditional yet gorgeous to have in hall that gives the royal like look but take the different color curtains to make it amazing. Try to keep the flowers more in hall decoration for ethereal impressions because in any event decoration flowers are must-have to refreshing the atmosphere. Addition of Banarsi or silk colorful cushions on stage and hall is also trendy these days in fact in a Moroccan theme these are the main part to put on the place. In hall the stage also contain much importance, in fact stage is the main place to which everyone is attracted and want to sit with the couple.
Make your moments as beautiful as the decoration is and capture such beauties of life in the eye of camera that will be in memories for decades. Have a look please.

Mughal theme hall decoration:

Mehdni Night Photography by Jay Pankhania Wedding Photographer a

In Mughal era the court was the true essence of decoration so taking the inspiration from that royal time, bring the Mughalia hues in your Mehndi hall decoration. Give the sections to hall setting chairs and table along with the sitting areas having multi color interesting cushions and pillow. Set the long embellished umbrella to give true royal impressions but don’t forget the stage, keep it classic by styling colorful knotted curtains.

Hall décor with canopy:

2. Mehndi Hall Decoration 2016

The canopy is wondrous, amazing and give the best looks to any wedding hall. Give the true definition to the roof of hall making grand canopies and set the lights and bulb to make the environment romantic and mesmerizing. Beautiful trendy chandeliers on the layering of canopy would create exquisite expressions.

Layers of flower all over the hall:

3. Mehndi Hall Decoration 2016


Flowers are beautiful, natural and wondrous to give romantic impressions, give the flower layers to all around the hall and make it tremendous. The stage back décor in this regard is very significant so if there is any designing them refill the back with flowers although match of flowers and curtain for stage décor is sensible but only flower statement will also be extremely fantastic.

Get a view at the pictures given below.

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