Jaw-Dropping Ideas To Make Your Wedding Venue Luxurious With Greenery

| August 8, 2017

Decoration of wedding venue is one of the most important things that play an important role to make the ceremony memorable. People make decorations with different things according to the specific theme, some go with candles, rustic theme, led lights etc.

when comes to the spring weddings, mostly people go with fresh flowers to make the atmosphere colorful, pleasant and full of fragrances.

But here we have come up with totally different ideas that you would never seen before, we are sharing with you some ideas to make your venue luxurious and romantic with greenery.

Have an impressive glance at the pictures gathered just for you and get inspiration for your own or beloved wedding ceremony. Look at this picture and follow the idea to stun everyone in the ceremony, cover the wall behind the dinner table with greenery along with some yellow leaves.

Use an oversize rustic heart to create a romantic atmosphere and you can write the first letters of the names of newlywed couple with flowers, glitters, ribbons etc. in any wedding cake cutting ceremony is celebrated with great excitement,

guests gather around the table to see and taste the cake so decorate your cake keeping your theme in mind as shown in the picture.

Make a green cake topper with green leaves in heart shape; place it on the top of the cake and spread green leaves on each tier of your butter cream cake to make an amazing green and white contrast cake.

Decorate the area where you decided to place the cake table, make a green arch by wrapping the leafy vines over the bamboo sticks and hang down the green wreaths by using the different kinds of leaves from the green arch to inspire others.

Wedding backdrop is the special place where most romantic moments are recorded and captured so all couples want to make it more beautiful and attractive for their ‘I do’ moment.

Use sheer fabricated crisp white backdrops and attach these with an iron frame, hang down the leaves vines with the help of string in front of white backdrops.

Cascading greens make a stunning ceremony setting, place different sizes white vases on the both sides of backdrop and fill them with fresh flowers and green leaves bouquet to make the place more beautiful.


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