Different Shapes of Vases For Flowers

| August 13, 2014


Vase is an open container decoration piece which made with clay, glass and ceramics.  Vases are founded in different superb shapes and decorate vases with flower prints or exclusive designs. Now a day, clear glass made vases are popular. These vases are founded in different shapes like cylinder, jar, Urn, turnip, gourd and rotund shapes. Printed vases decorated with artificial or fresh flowers and clear glass made vases decorated by keeping in precious stones, tiny pearls or artificial flowers with water. You can also fresh flowers in clear glass made vases. Here I am going to introduce you different types of vases for flowers.

Wilkinson shape of vases:

1 types of vases for flowers (13)

In this picture you are seeing some clear glass made vases. These vases decorated with white tiny pearls and kept in these different types of beautiful flowers.

Ceramics vase with floral style:

2 types of vases for flowers (8)

This vase made with ceramics material with front flower. This vase has shinning white color and medium shape. You can keep in this vase real or artificial flower.

 Clear glass made vase:

3 types of vases for flowers (6)

This vase has cylinder shape and made with clear glass. This vase decorated with many white flowers. You can keep this vase in the bedroom on the side table or use for dinning table.

Bottle shape vases:

4 types of vases for flowers (1)

In this picture you are seeing nine small bottles which tied together. These bottles made with clear glass and decorated with different types of flowers. When you decorate each bottle with flowers and tied together then these look like buckeye of flowers.

Vases used for decoration of drawing rooms, bedrooms or cupboards etc. Here you can see further vases which made with glass, ceramics or clay. Some vases are made with designing glass and you can also use these vases without flowers.

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