Decoration Ideas for a Muslim Wedding

| June 23, 2014

Muslim Wedding:

Each nation has its own traditions & customs of wedding according to the religion such as Hindus have their own tradition about the wedding according to their religion as a result the wedding decoration is quite different than other weddings. Similarly we have another very popular religion that is “Islam”. The followers of this religion are called “Muslims”. Muslims usually follows some predefined tradition about the wedding (which are defined in the religion Islam by Allah in the Holy Quran). In Islam Nikha is the basic tradition. After Nikha bride & groom can sit with each other on the stage.

Muslim Wedding Decoration:

We are living in an age of fashion. Islam is the religion which allows all the Muslims to move with the world. Wedding is basically a very important function. It not only links two people but also a connection among the members of two families 9the family of bride & the family of groom).  For celebrating these happy moments of life, Muslims usually decorate the place where this event is going to be held. The wedding may be held into the home or into the hotel, but in both cases decoration is very necessary.

Muslim Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas:

Here I am going to share some very easy, amazing, wonderful & new wedding stage decoration ideas. These ideas are perfect t for the Muslim weddings.
1)    First of all you can go with the curtains on the backstage wall ideas. According to this ideas curtain are hanged on the back wall of the wedding stage. The color of curtains can be chosen according to the theme of the wedding. You can go with net, silk, velvet or chiffon stuff curtains.  You can to one color curtain or a combination of colors but in case of color-combination doesn’t go more than two or three colors. One colors curtain looks nicer.
2)    The usage of flowers (original flowers) can add some dreamy atmosphere into the weeding. Try to use flowers into the decoration of walls, tables & back stage walls. Again the color of flower can be chosen according to the theme of the wedding but all colors of flowers looks fabulous. Mostly the yellow, white or green colors of flowers are used for the mehendi function decoration while pink, red, maroon, or purple colors of flowers are used for Walima & Barat functions.
3)    Long with flowers & curtains, the candles, centerpieces, table & chairs covers, lights, chandeliers, vases, dried tree branches & lots of other interesting decoration pieces can also be used into the wedding decoration.
4)    For more ideas you can check out the pictures of the decorations for Muslim wedding.

1 beautiful decorations for muslim wedding

2 flower style decorations muslim wedding

3 white color decorations muslim wedding

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