Cheap Wedding Decorations that Looks Expensive

| April 13, 2016

Ideas to decorate the wedding with normal things

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The season of marriages are in the air because the season is very apt for  wedding and   the main thing which is compulsory for us the decoration of wedding halls  because the decoration can tell your status   if you are  rich then  the decoration of the hall is very  expensive   and if you are not  financially good then you can use   different cheap things to decorate it  and we can  convert these  cheap things into  the expensive things .There are many weddings which arrangement are not good  and  the guest are  feeling uncomforted in the wedding hall, hotel and lawn where you arranged the functions .When you are arranging  any functions then  you have to divide the responsibility of the  arrangement because if we give any on all responsibilities then he  forgets and  become tied . Wedding decoration should be I such form which is never forgot by the coming guest the arrangement of the marriage is as good as people will remember this wedding for long time and praise you arrangements. When people come in your wedding venue is after first they see the decoration way in your wedding party.

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Different ways of decoration:

Old glasses which are mostly present in your houses and if you don’t have  such glasses then you  can buy these  stand glass and then  leave the flowers of different color in this glass  and keep candle in this glass and when wedding starts lit the candle and keep it  at every table of wedding hall and hotel  it is very  cheap but  look expensive .Take full size glasses and  paste  glue on it and now  apply the  laces  on these glasses  and keep it near to the bridal sitting it look so nice when bridal will enter in the hall and all the lights are closed only these beautiful  glass lamps are illuminated. Very little plastic lights which are not so expensive you can buy and   tied it on the  all the tress if your marriage party is in the open area like garden, lawn etc  and when you lit the light in your night function with the greenery tree the hall look so enchanting.  Not only jars you can use the paper as a chandeliers take  a balloon blow it  and paste the glue on it  then cover the full balloon with the papers and newspaper  then keep energy light in to the balloon and hang it on the tree. and Plastic pots which are usually use for freezing the ice in the fridge you can use it for your wedding decoration  so keep the plastic  box and   fill it with water and keep the rose flowers  it is not compulsory that only  rose is used for decorating   rather you can use  any color flowers  with the candles .Empty jars which are useless you can recycle these jars for decorating your wedding ceremony and make t expensive .Now a day the marriage ceremony is mostly organized in the open areas  because the spring season is here the  fresh and cool breeze  effect us in good way then you can  use this jars whether they are plastic or glass made  you can lit it on the tress it look like chandeliers which are very cheap  and make your wedding  decoration   lightening, if your function is in the houses and  in any hall then you can use these jars for table and  pour some pearls and  jewels into  the jars  and it is up to you that which color of glitter you like you can pour the glitter for the sparkling effects. Take small plastic bags and keep them charging bulb in to in and this bags keep it the full way of the hall side and when you  lit at night it look fabulous path. Ashtray is very inn now a day to keep on the center of the table you can use the stones and crystal for making a fancy and cheap ashtray  and if you want to lit then keep the candles otherwise you can keep  flowers of different beautiful colors.

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decoration should be according to the time because for night functions bold and much lightening things are used whenever for the night functions you should go with something light and less lightning although you can use flowers and fragrance for enhance the beauty of your function and with very cheap things you can make your wedding remarkable.

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