Awe-Inspiring Geometric Backdrop Ideas For Modern Weddings

| December 14, 2017

Backdrop is a focal point of your wedding ceremony so if you are tying the knot very soon try to create or choose a breath-taking and unique backdrop for your wedding. Geometric backdrops lend a bit of charm, they are inexpensive to create and perfect for giving that unique and personal flare everyone wants for the wedding.

To help you in picking one eye-catching and appropriate to your venue and wedding theme also we have compiled a list of some unique backdrop ides. All of these can easily be diyed and tackled by an event designer. Click through to find the right backdrop for you no matter which type of background you choose.

Colorful paper cubes hanging backdrop:

Have fun with these colorful paper cubes backdrop idea in your wedding ceremony. You can use this beautiful paper cubes diy backdrop for any place in the ceremony, this is a great option for small space that needs just a little color to highlight your altar area.

These colorful paper cubes are a cute alternative of fresh flowers. Take a look at this picture for inspiration and use the area in front of stairs for your modern wedding backdrop.

Pentagon backdrop:

Geometric backdrops decors are stunning for any outdoor or indoor weddings. If your wedding day is going to be a little bit modern and a little bit boho, this geometric pentagon shape backdrop may be the right option you are looking for. you can create this geometric backdrop with metal rod or wood.

Honey comb backdrop:

Honey-comb inspired cut out backdrop is the perfect addition to a modern wedding décor. This honey comb backdrop with lightening that could be lanterns, candles or bulbs will make wedding décor incredibly edgy. This honeycomb backdrop can be décor with fresh flowers and greenery etc.


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