Gold-Ivory Clutches Collection for Bridesmaids

| March 8, 2016

Beautiful Bridesmaids Clutches in Golden Ivory Tones:

Bridesmaids are those girls that usually walk with bride on an aisle path. Bridesmaids are considered very important for a wedding function. Without them a wedding seems quite incomplete. The unmarried cousins, sisters or friends of a bride usually play the role of bridesmaids. A wedding is usually planned by following a theme. So, bride, groom, bridesmaids & all other people try to follow this theme. If you are thinking about gold-ivory wedding themes then of course your bridesmaids needs gold-ivory clutches. Don’t go anywhere, just stay on this page & get a variety of gold-ivory clutches. Another point that I would like to mention here is that these clutches are also perfect for supporting the beach theme, bohemian theme & countryside theme wedding functions. Gold & ivory both tones are neutral tones, that’s why, these can go best with almost every color of dresses. Here is a variety of purses. Take a look & choose one style for your bridesmaids.

Envelope Design Different Pattern Gold Ivory Clutches:

1 envelope style Gold Ivory Bridesmaid Clutches collection

In this very first picture you can view envelope style clutches. The different design patterns such as polka dots, stripped, rhombs & hodgy podgy are looking very funky. This is a versatile set of purses for the group of your bridesmaids. The color scheme of all purses is same but the designs are different. So, these purses are looking homogeneous due to same color but a little bit versatile due design. So, try this idea & add some style into your bridesmaids!

Flower Design Bridesmaid Clutches in Gold Ivory Color:

2 flower embellished satin Gold Ivory Bridesmaid Clutches collection (1)
These are simple gold tone clutches that are made by using satin stuff & cylinder shape frames. The use of ivory & gold tone flowers on one corner of each clutch is actually adding a romantic touch. The peacock feather can be also be used into decoration. These clutches are just perfect for a luxurious wedding function.

Handmade Bridesmaids Purse Idea:

3 handmade Gold Ivory Bridesmaid Clutches collection

This is a handmade purse. It is made by using gold tone sack stuff while ivory lace is used into its decoration. In this way a gold ivory purse comes into existence. This is a budget friendly clutch idea for your 8 or 12 group of bridesmaids. When there are lots of bridesmaids then you can never afford very expensive purses for your bridesmaids & need low cost or handmade clutches ideas. So, this one is just right for you!

Golden Sequins Embellished Clutches:

4 sequins Gold Ivory Bridesmaid Clutches collection (1)

Here I also include these golden shimmery clutches. These can go just perfect for wedding that is scheduled at night time. Your bridesmaids can hold these purses either with their ivory dress or golden or black. The sequins are used into decoration that’s why these clutches are looking very sparkly.

Traditional Gold Ivory Clutch with Kiss Lock:

5 traditional kiss lock closure Gold Ivory Bridesmaid Clutches collection
This is a traditional style ivory color clutch with golden metal frame. It has kiss lock closure. The gold color thread embroidery is done on ivory color stuff. I must say “Simple yet classic”. Just perfect for countryside theme wedding function!

Heavily Embellished Fancy Gold Ivory Clutch:

6 heavilly embellished Gold Ivory clutch (1)

Into the above picture you can view a heavily embellished golden ivory color clutch. This clutch has kiss lock closure. The use of beads, crystals, rhinestones etc is making this clutch really very royal & deluxe. If you need extra fancy clutches then you can think about this design!
Hopefully, you love these!

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