Pink Wedding Cakes 2013

| July 4, 2013

No one can resist to these elegant pink wedding cakes for ceremonial. These inspired wedding cake in pretty pink color such a lovely, bright and soft for cute couples. Pink designed cakes created with tremendously with black ribbon bows and sweet cream designing in twisted style adorned the top of this cake with digital number of 16 for expressing the age of celebrities. Light and dark pink cake strives to create beautiful floral design cake that taste is amazing and aromatic. All portions have hand made flower necklace theme with different finniest decoration.

Classical pink layer in different shades has been embellished with frill or zig zag decoration while the top of this cake has been décor with awesome bloomed flowers in white colors. This gorgeous pink spring wedding cake is perfect selection for memorable day and unbeatable remarking with taste and wonderful look. Each and every layer is garnished with sweet ceramal flowers. There is something delicious, lovely and simple ingredient, stunning designed cake baked by a western cook. So incredible and perfect for romantic wedding cake. This one delicate derby hat style cake decor with sugar made pearl necklace and bow embellishment love to use for fashion inspiration wedding cakes.
Subject matter: pink wedding cakes
Color: pink
Material: sugar ruffle
Design: derby hat, fabric frill theme, flower basket
Perfect for: wedding day, reception, Valentines Day

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