Fabulous and Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes 2015

| June 8, 2015

Wedding cakes have been present at wedding ceremonies for centuries. It is a traditional cakes served at wedding receptions following dinner while in some counties it is presented in breakfast. Traditionally wedding cake color is white and it shows purity and virginity. The white color has been attaché to wedding cakes since the Victoria era. While for the embellishment of cakes different colors can also be used. Modern pastry chefs and cakes designers use various ingredients and tools to create cake that will reflect the personalities of couple.

Marzipan, fondant, gum paste, butter cream and chocolate are one of the most popular ingredients used in the cakes. Wedding cake was originally luxury item and showed the status, the higher the wedding cake the higher the status. Cakes are in different layers like two, three, four, and five and so on. For wedding spectacular should be required. Here we have most beautiful wedding cakes of 2015.

Let’s have a look! See this speechlessly beautiful five layers wedding cake with flower embellishment of cream is looking outstanding. Alluring white cake cute three layers with top flowers nourishment is appearing marvelous. Spectacular five layers wedding cake with pink and white flowers cream decoration is looking gorgeous.
Hope you would love it!

most beautiful wedding cakes 2015 (1)

most beautiful wedding cakes 2015 (2)

most beautiful wedding cakes 2015 (3)

most beautiful wedding cakes 2015 (4)

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