Western Style Indian Wedding Gowns For Reception

| January 13, 2017

Indian weddings are festive occasions, celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that depend on the religion and region of the bride and groom. There are few key rituals common in Hindu weddings as kanyadan, panigrahana and satphere and after performing the satphere, the couple is legally husband and wife. Indian Christian weddings follow customs similar to those practiced in the Christian countries in the west in states like Goa but have more Indian customs in other states.

Wedding dress can vary from sarees to lehengas to shalwar qameez and the most popular option is lehenga choli but now after wearing the traditional dress in traditional red or maroon color. Modern brides want to wear nontraditional and unique dresses on the day of reception so mostly girls prefer to wear gowns on their reception day. The tradition of wearing gowns on the wedding day has come in India from western countries. Western women wear gowns on all formal occasions; especially on their weddings they wear white gowns. So western gowns inspired brides like to wear western style gowns on their reception to look totally different from the day of barat.

Floor-length gown is designed like an open style ball gown in the stuff of plain net in dark grey color. The center part including sleeveless bodice is designed in satin stuff and decorated with same color material and a little touch of golden material is also given on the top of the bodice so there are two options for you that you can match the jewelry in golden or silver color according to your choice and requirement of the dress. I think silver color jewelry will compliment the beauty of the dress more.

This gown is designed in cream color in the stuff of embroidered organza; embroidery is done in light cream and golden color. Cap sleeves bodice is stitched with deep v-shape neckline, stuff of shamooz silk is used as the underlay of the gown. This nice gown will look beautiful when you will pair it with matching jewelry, shoes and clutch with soft makeup. This sleeveless and puffy ball gown is looking awesome, designed in lace detailed net stuff in dark blue color. Lace detailed bodice is decorated with spray of pearls and the lower skirt is kept simple, a jeweled waist belt in golden color is paired with the dress to make it more beautiful.

Two-layered gown is designed with sleeveless crop bodice in the stuff of velvet, the upper layer including bodice is made in black velvet stuff and the inner layer is designed in the stuff of net in golden color. Sleeveless bodice is fully embellished with golden sequins; same work is done on the hemline in the shape of zigzag border and large motifs looking so beautiful. Pair this dress with golden jewelry and high heel golden pumps to look elegant on the day of your reception.

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