Fetching Summer Bridal Floral Wear Collection Offered by Nida Azwar

| March 15, 2016

Nida azwar, bridal collection:

Wedding in summer season is little bi challenging. No one can think about extraordinary heavy embellished outfits, jewelry accessories and makeup. Wedding attendees can skip all these things but a bride can’t. She has to wear sumptuous designed heavy wearing style with lots of makeup and regal style jewelry accessories. Some competent and charming designers are designed such magnificent dresses which are fabulous to carry in summer without any further frustration.

Talking in this regard here we are interested in excellent designs of alluring summer bridal attires which are enormously fabulous and designed by prestigious fashion designer Nida Azwar. She is one of most popular Pakistani fashion designer who has tremendously fantastic designing sense. Since 2005 she is soothing high ended aspirations of Pakistani fashion industry. For this summer season she expressed an amazing bridal collection which is greatly excellent rather matchless I its expressions. To invent contemporary style she merged unconventional embellishing patterns with traditional style stitching concepts. Greatly her collection is fantastically amazing selection to deal with summer wedding events. Explore the evocative elegance of your bridal beauty in most fabulous and greatly inspiring way through these fascinating bridal attires which have excellent distinctive elegance. Let’s discuss fantastic magnificence of these alluring attires which are extremely exclusive in their splendid expressions.

Heavy embellished lehanga maxi:

1 nida azwar summer bridal attires
Instead of red, fantastic ash white color is selected by designer to explore the gorgeous grace of bridal beauty. Pearl and prestigious embellishing beauties and light tone makeup are creating excellent combination to express the girlish grace of femininity.

Velvet bridal salwar dress:

2 nida azwar summer bridal attires (1)
As velvet is back in exclusive trends, so to enhance the sumptuous grace of brides, velvet is prominent selection of designer. Unique style salwar shirt dress is excellently matchless in its grace. To deal with regal style bridal appearance, you can pair this alluring dress with exclusive heavy embellished dupatta.

Open style kurti with lehanga:

3 nida azwar summer bridal attires (2)
For elite bridal events, an excellent bridal wear vision is discussed here. Open style short shirt is paired with full embellished lehanga. Light shaded hues are ideal for summer while its wearing style is also congenial. Brides can pair this dress with compact jewelry accessories and light toned fetching makeup.

Beaded lehanga choli:

4 nida azwar summer bridal attires (3)
For bold brides, excellently regal embellished lehanga choli attire is presented her. Sumptuous beaded embellishing patterns and light shaded concepts are matchlessly excellent. With short curly hairs, you can carry this excellent bridal dress to look splendidly marvelous at your great day of life.

Light shaded bridal attire:

5 nida azwar summer bridal attires (4)
This light schemed fantastic bridal dress is excellently matchless for reception celebrations. Its full sleeves, dropping beads and heavy embellishing visions all are excellently outstanding. Great tastes can explore their bold bridal beauty in most excellent way through this dress which is also best for after wedding special celebrations.

Black bridal dress:

6 nida azwar summer bridal attires (5)

Traditional wearing style is salwar kameez dress is consumed in bridal wearing idea. This unconventional bridal wearing vision is further paired with exceptional black color. Multi floral embroidered concept and excellent fabric stuffs, both are matchless touches. This bridal attire is not confined only to wedding wear; you can wear this dress at other formal celebration confidently.

Royal grace of bridal dress:

7 nida azwar summer bridal attires (6)

To deal with summer bridal look, light toned bridal lehanga with front open kurti and inner choli is terrific idea. Designer is projecting this idea in mot excellent way. This bridal costume is excellent selection for wedding day. To enhance its gorgeousness you an pair it with pearl or kundan jewelry to look more fascinating.

Perfect wearing idea for walima:

8 nida azwar summer bridal attires (7)

After wearing heavy bridal lehanga dress, if you are interested to war something extraordinary unique and splendid then think about a dhoti style salwar with jacket style shirt. It will e excellent matchless. Select this wearing idea in light shades and to produce expression of Asian bride, you can carry a sophisticated well embellished dupatta.

Friendly suggestion: contemporary fashion trends are allowed to introduce various wearing ideas for bridal wear so don’t confine your personality to wear only lehanga, frock, pishwas or other kind of traditional attires to produce continuous monotony. Select something different and introduce some latest vision s through your bridal look.


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