Fascinating Gujarati Bridal Inspiration Idea

| February 3, 2016

Guajarati weddings:

Why you choose Guajarati wedding style when you are entering inn your matrimonial life? The answer may be Gujarat is a land f vibrant colors, traditions and culture and royalty. Gujarati couple seem as royal  figures, their sumptuous costumes, heavy accessories, rich gold and kundan patterns and exciting wedding rituals are inspired a couple to start their life I Gujarati style. Other Indian wedding styles are also lavish but Gujarati wedding is full of exciting charm and brimmed with lots of colors.

Talking about Guajarati wedding here we are eagerly interested in sharing those characteristics which can inspire a bride to enjoy her wedding in Gujarati style. Guajarati bride’s attitude and her appearance is enormously luxurious and girls who are interested in Guajarati concept to be bride can find allure inspirations from these excellent ideas. Things which make a Guajarati bride different from others and different accessories which are excellently contributed in Guajarati bridal appearance are going to discuss here. I am assured you will be fan of Guajarati bridal concept and at least for one time, you will imagine your bridal look in evocative Guajarati style. Let’s accentuate those fabulous features which can make you inspire to be bride according to Guajarati appealing pattern.

Wedding costumes:

1 gujarati wedding costume for brides

Heavy zardosi and tila embroidered works, bright hues and luxurious stuffs are made Guajarati bridal dress greatly inspiring. Lehanga choli, traditional saree and lehanga with shirt are remained in trend for Guajarati bridal costumes. Opulence and lavishness are hallmark of Guajarati nuptial dresses and hues are beyond the restriction, you can even enjoy the charm of multi colors and white in your bridal costumes. Gujarati bridal dresses are provide the chance to bride to explore her gorgeous feminine beauty freely.

Perfect bridal jewelry:

2 Gujarati Bridal jewelry ideas

If you are jewelry wearer and love to want to wear opulent jewelry at your great day then Gujarati wedding will be excellent for you. Guajarati brides are adorned with heavy gold, kundan, pearls and precious beaded accessories. In Gujarat,  gluband, double necklaces, kamar band, bazuband, maang tikka, nose pin, hair accessories and luxurious designs of regal bangles are embellish the bridal beauty amazingly. Guajarati wedding allows a bride to feel kike a prestigious and royal figure at her wedding event.

Gujarati bridal makeup:

3 gujarati perfect bridal makeup

Its highly surprising and exclusive vision of Guajarati bridal beauty that despite wearing lavish bridal costume and prestigiously heavy bridal jewelry they avoid heavy bright colored makeup rather Guajarati brides are seemed in decent light shaded makeup. It’s make a rare combination of heavy and delicate patterns and an inspiring bridal beauty is created by this artistic exclusive concept. So those sophisticated girls who can’t bear heavy lyres of makeup can feel relax at their great day through Guajarati style wedding.

Gujarati hairstyle:

4 Gujarati Bridal hair style  ideas

One of cutest and rare feature f Guajarati bridal beauty is that they embellished their hairstyles with cluster of real flowers. They like bubble buns and long braided hairstyles and embellished them with jasmine flowers artistically. It’s something greatly pleasing and justifies the romanticism in graceful bridal appearance. Guajarati brides avoid modern hairstyles and keep a accentuate touch of conventionality in their hairstyling, center parted hairstyles are commonly popular among the Guajarati brides.

Mehndi designs:

5 gujarati mehndi designs

Gujarati bride has accentuated beauty of traditional designs of mehndi at her hands and feet. Instead of modern mehndi designs, Arabic and tattoo style mehndi, Guajarati brides are liked heavy, floral and paisley designed mehndi designs. Along with their hands and feet, some charming Guajarati bribes are embellished their visible belly part also to boost up sizzling touch in her romantic bridal beauty. For traditional lover girls, its great inspiration that being a Guajarati bride they can enjoy heavy mehndi designs.

Bridal shoes:

6 Gujarati Bridal foot wear ideas

Trend of wearing dress matching shoe  is popular everywhere but its distinguish trend in Gujarat that Guajarati brides are worn specially shoes which are not only in dress matching context but also embellished with dress matching embellishing materials. It produces greatly exciting charm. Another exciting feature of Guajarati bridal shoes is that instead of high heels, Guajarati brides are enjoy fantastic comfort in flat( khussa & chapel) design shoes. Those who like to wear completely dress matching shoe at their wedding simply think about exciting Guajarati wedding.

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