Astonishing “Mon Reve” Bridal Collection 2016 by Tena Durrani

| August 22, 2016

0 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (21)

Tena Durrani bridal collection:

Once again Tena Durrani grabbed the attention of Pakistan fashion stream with excellent dexterity. Her ladstes bridal collection under the label of ‘Mon Reve” excellent mysterious, misty and telling a story about elite charm of bridal look. This season Tena has once again rocked the fashion country gentry by her most fabulous and unique fashion intellect. Gorgeous beauty Toba Siddique is justifying the exact elegance of his collection by hr stunning feminine beauty and exact glamorous gestures.

True to tradition but having definite modern touch in demonstration, this festive collection is fantastic blend of classical, contemporary and Mughal era fashion elegances. Ash white, silver, beige and subtle unconventional hues are boosting up classy charm of this stunning collection. Heavy silver embellishing patterns and luxurious stuffs as French silk, karandi, chiffon and net are taking thins collection at the esteem of grace.

Silk embroideries and precious stone works are also defining splendid charm of this fantastic bridal collection. Those who are going to be wed on this season, this excellently immaculate collection is matchless to define their supreme bridal appearance. Every piece of this collection is teemed with fine story of art. Lt’s explore classy magnificence of this fetching bridal collection which is perfect charisma to enjoy amazing beauty at great day of life.

Full flare lehanga kurti:

1 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016

Heavy embellished kurti is paired with full flare French silk printed lehanga. Its hue selection, sense of designing and expression is perfectly fabulous. Traditional grace of this stunning bridal dress is exclusively noteworthy. To look gorgeous at your reception I recommend this fabulous costume to enjoy evocative bridal beauty.

Open shirt with lehanga:

2 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (1)

Hue selection of this bridal costume is enormously fantastic while its decent expression is perfect to define sophisticate and delicate bridal beauty. Both for wedding or reception day, this stunning open shirt with lehanga dress is fine choice. Go with bright shade lipstick and formal updo hairstyle to explore tour bridal look in most appealing patterns.

Unique bridal lehanga with contrast dupatta:

3 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (2)

Idea of heavy embellished golden lehanga kurti with contrast chiffon bridal dupatta is excellently attractive. This festive shimmering lehanga choli with precious stone is paired with plum colored chiffon dupatta and stunning bridal sash. For elite urban brides, this fabulous dressing idea is perfectly great to define their bridal elegance in contemporary demonstration.

Silk embroidered bridal lehanga dress:

4 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (3)

Heavy open shirt is paired with fine embellished lehanga; every expression of this fabulous bridal dress is excellently terrific. its hue selection, opulent embellishing works an d luxurious stuffs are producing an excellent bridal costume which is perfect choice to rock the reception function by your evocative bridal look. Pair this allure bridal dress with precious accessories and formal hairstyle to enjoy gorgeous grace.

Peach latest designed bridal lehanga:

5 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (4)

Long flare bridal short wit gorgeous same colored bridal lehanga is paired with contrast magnificent dupatta. To grab the elegance of ideal bridal appearance, this stunning costume is matchless costume, its concept of wearing idea, heavy embellishing work, stitching competence e and designing worth all are perfectly awesome to define classy bridal beauty.

Festive bridal sharara dress:

6 Tena Durrani’s ‘Mon Reve’ Bridal Collection 2016 (5)

For young and conventional pattern lovers, this stunning sharara dress is excellently fabulous choice. Same colored shirt and sharara is paired with contrast bridal dupatta. Embellishing demonstration of this luxurious bridal dress is enormously fantastic. Enjoy classy bridal grace by wearing fine bridal accessories and allure bridal hairstyle with this excellent bridal dress.

Some more fine bridal costumes offered by Tena Durrani are shared here. Before finalizing your bridal dress, you must take an inspiring look of this collection which has fine elegance to tackle elite bridal beauties immaculately. Enjoy the expression of this fetching gallery with impressive eyes.

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