Kokoshnik Tiara Design Collection

| June 5, 2014

A tiara is a form of a crown. It was used by kings or emperors of some ancient people in Anatolia and Mesopotamia. The Queen’s jewels are a historic collection of jewels owned personally by the monarch of the common wealth realms, currently Queen Elizabeth.

The officially crown Jewels of the United Kingdom are worn only at coronations. On other formal occasions Tiaras are worn. When the queen goes abroad, she wears tiara from her personal collection at formal events. Kokoshnik tiaras are with fabulous and wondrous styles like Russian tiara, Italian tiara, Brazilian tiara, The Strathmore rose tiara, Sapphire suite tiara, Fringe tiara, Cartier halo scroll tiara, Duchess of tack tiara.

Sterling and sunny stones used in these tiaras. These tiaras are very expensive and luxurious. Now a day, rich and advance families follow tiara’s trend. They ready tiara by jeweler for their bridals. Tiara looks so beautiful and attractive.

2014 collection Kokoshnik tiara

amazing Kokoshnik tiara

beautiful Kokoshnik tiara

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